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The Grade 12 Production Technology class has been working hard on building a greenhouse for our school to use in the future. The students have done a great job thus far enclosing the green house, building benches and planter boxes.

Grade 7, 8, and 9 Technology Education have been working hard to create Bird houses that will be placed amongst the trail behind the school and other places around the school to add some colour to the trail. 

Next students will be making balloon powered cars and learning about aerodynamics and moving parts such as wheels and gears.

“Hello! I am GR Walters and I am the new Tech Ed teacher at LSK!  I’m super excited for the school year and to welcome back the students. Many in the community likely know me from playing hockey or officiating. I hope everyone had a great summer!”

The month of February and March have been very active in Family Studies and Tech. Ed.

Grade seven has been learning to do hand stitching by making a sewing needle holder and a key holder.

Grade eight has been learning about nutrition and food, along with kitchen management duties.

We have looked at foodborne illnesses, safety in the kitchen and use of equipment in the food lab when baking.

Skill Trades students have worked on a cut away model of a shed, learning how to lay out studs, rafters, framing in windows and doors, boarding in, siding and insulation, along with how to shingle a roof, for those who have attended class.

Attendance is very important in these hands-on areas for students to get their credits needed to pass.

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Hello everyone!

The start of second semester sees grades 7-9 moving from Tech Ed to family studies. Grade 7 will be sewing, grade 8 will be learning food and nutrition and grade 9 will be working with child studies. I will also be teaching a high school credit this semester: skilled trades 10.
Can’t wait to see everyone in February. 


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We welcome Mike Sack as our sub T.A. for the next little while as Jon-Jon is out on a mission.  Mike comes with a wealth of knowledge that can be passed along to our students.  Welcome Mike!

Our students are learning drafting techniques that will help them draft plans, read plans, and make a project from a plan.

Grade 8s have started a Halloween candle holder, the grade 9s a cell phone holder, Design 11 are creating a cutting board made from exotic woods and local hardwoods.  Grade 7s are creating a cardboard glider using recycling and drafting skills to transfer the design onto the cardboard before cutting it out with the hand saw.

Tech Ed. Is a hands on course and attendance is very important for our students to achieve good grades.

It's a new year and 2020-2021 will be a new experience in the school system for staff and students.

Tech Ed. students must wear masks, tools and desks/benches must be wiped down at the end of each class, and wash our hands often.

The 7s, 8s, and 9s will start with drafting skills in September and October, moving to working with wood in November, December and January.

Senior High students are in Design 11 will learn about the Elements and Principles of Design by focusing on specific tasks and skills, gaining a deeper understanding of the process and creative solutions to design problems.

Students must attend class each day to refine their knowledge and skills in reading, writing, viewing, speaking, listening and organization of ideas of Design 11.  Design 11 is a hands-on semester where attendance is very important.

Thank you,
Walter Palethorpe

Hi Technology 10.

I sure do miss the students in Tech 10, I hope you are all keeping safe at home.

There were some projects that were lined up for the remaining of the year but just maybe we can accomplish some of them when we get back to school. 

Keep safe everyone stay home, wash your hands and keep your social distancing happening.  Everyone is doing a great job.


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