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Please contact Mrs. Sheri Brooks for additional information or clarification.

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For additional information please contact Mrs. Sheri Brooks.

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Hello Everyone! 

I would like to welcome everyone to our new school year! We are very excited to meet all the new students and look forward to working with their families to help make this school year a successful one! Our classroom may look a little different this year, due to Covid restrictions we have removed some supplies, furniture and manipulatives. We are working hard to make sure our students have a safe environment to learn in. We have been busy making sets of manipulatives and supplies for each student so they are ready to learn when they arrive! We would like to remind everyone to practice proper handwashing and properly wearing their masks so they will be prepared when they start school! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at

Mrs. Brooks & Mrs. Levi

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It is hard to believe it is June already!  We usually look froard to June as it is the busy month filled with end of the year trips, fun days in the sun and warmer weather, however things are different this year and I miss everyone!  Even though the year was cut short it has been a great year with all of you.  I wish we had more time to learn together!  We did have lots of fun adventures and spent wonderful days learning and exploring!  I would like to thak the parents for helping with the learning at home these past few months, it was definitely a new experience for everyone!  I hope everyone enjoys the summer vacation and I look forward to seeing my students become the big kids in September as they go to grade 1.

Best wishes,
Mrs. Brooks


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