The primary class has been learning lots of new things this month. We are learning more about measuring in Math and we will be learning more about numbers this month. We have been enjoying some good books and have been working on lots of great stories. The primary class is very excited that winter is finally here! They have been enjoying the snow and having fun with their friends. I would like to remind families to make sure students bring their snow gear each day so they get to play in all the lovely snow at recess! We have everyone has a great month of January and would like to send birthday wishes to Enzly and Kitpu who are celebrating their 6th birthday this month! 

Mrs Brooks

The primary class has been busy learning lots of new things throughout the month of November. We have learned lots of new letters and sounds and have been reading lots of interesting books. The students enjoyed learning about Remembrance Day and were very excited to participate in this year's Remembrance Day service. They sang with all their hearts for the many Sma'knis who fought for our freedom. 

With the colder weather coming students are becoming very excited for Christmas. We are excitedly counting down the days until December. With December comes lots of exciting things like decorating our classroom, learning about the various traditions celebrated by others and our Christmas concert. We are hoping everyone can join us during this exciting event. The primary students have been practicing their songs and sound so lovely! We hope families remind our students to dress warm for the colder recesses, we don't have snow yet but the temperature is getting very cold! We would like to wish Jolie a Happy Birthday in November. 

The primary class has been very busy these past few months. We are all settled in and have been learning lots of new things. We are learning lots of new letters each week and doing lots of fun activities while learning our letters. The primary class was very excited to make cookies when we were learning about the letter "C" and enjoyed eating them even more! We have been doing lots of counting and making patterns in Math. The students learned about pumpkins and enjoyed their trip to the Riverbreeze pumpkin patch. We had a great time trick or treating and were very excited for all the treats given from our band departments, thank you to everyone who helped make this a fun day for us! Throughout the month of November we will be remembering all those who fought in the war and will be participating in our school's annual Remembrance Day ceremony. We are getting excited for winter and would like to remind students to wear warm coats, hats and mittens for our cold recess breaks! 


Mrs. Brooks

The primary class is quickly settling into the routine of our classroom. We have been very busy learning how to write our names, learning about letters, sounds and reading lots of exciting books! We have been doing lots of counting and building too! The students enjoy all the fun and exciting things we have been doing in primary!

The students seem very happy and excited making new friends and seeing old friends regularly during recess and within the school. We enjoyed celebrating Nitap Day with a walk and special time with everyone. The primary students have showed lots of ways to be a good friend and did lots of caring and sharing. We participated in the Terry Fox run and would like to thank everyone who donated for the Terry Fox run, the kids were so excited to raise money for such a good cause.

The students enjoyed our apple-picking trip down Noggins Farm and loved taste testing all the different apples. We made applesauce in our classroom and the students enjoyed learning about the different ways to use apples. We are looking forward to visiting the Riverbreeze pumpkin patch in October and learning about pumpkins. Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and we are reminded that it is time of giving thanks. We will be sharing what we are thankful for. I am so excited to see what everyone has to share!

I would like to remind parents and families that we encourage healthy snacks to help keep our hungry bellies full and growing bodies strong, as much as we all like candy please enjoy it at home. If you need ideas I would suggest checking out YouTube for healthy snack ideas for kids.

Have a great summer and see you in September!

Hi everyone, 

Summer vacation is fast approaching and the primary students are getting very excited! We have enjoying the sunny days when they come, and have been learning about plants and living things so we appreciate the rain as well! The primary students have been looking forward to all the exciting things that will be happening in the month of June. We will be going on our end of the year field trip to Hatfield farms on Thursday, June 6. We are very excited for the petting zoo and wagon ride! The students had an amazing time making drums the last week of May; they did a wonderful job and were very thankful for the high school students who helped out. We are very excited to use our drums and dance on June 4.

We have spent the last few weeks growing our vegetables for the school garden. The primary students planted cucumbers, beans, tomatoes and sunflowers. We are looking forward to watching our plants grow even more outside. We are hoping parents can bring the students by throughout the summer to look at the garden to see how much it has grown.

We had the Elephant Thoughts visit our classroom and we learned about electricity and how it works, made some really need pictures and fruit smoothies using the electricity bike, then we got to practice using circuits to make objects light up and fly. Thank you to the Elephant Thoughts team for bringing such great programs to our school.

We are hoping families can come watch the LSK Talent show on Monday, June 10 and also join us on Thursday, June 13 for the family picnic in the Arbor.

We would like to wish Justin a happy birthday on June 7 and Mrs. Levi a Happy birthday on June 8.

We hope everyone has a wonderful summer vacation filled with lots of sunshine and adventures!

Students hosted their parents/guardians/guests for a Mi'kmaw language tea social.

The primary students have been very busy throughout the month of April. We have been learned lots of new things and done some exciting stuff! We have been doing lots of reading each morning, students are having fun learning new words and building sentences with them! They especially love adding illustrations to their stories. We have been doing a lot of counting in math, be sure to make opportunities for your children to show off their counting skills with you! We would like to remind families that it is very important for students to be here every day and on time, we learn lots of new things each day and have our literacy block first thing every day. Our students enjoy learning from each other and working together! 

We had a great time at Hop, Skip, Jump as part of our Phys. Ed class. The students enjoyed climbing, running, sliding and playing in the ball pit! It was great to see our kids enjoying themselves and we very happy to have this opportunity. The children used up lots of energy that day! 

We are looking forward to the exciting activities planned for May; we will do some planting for our school garden as we learn about living things. Last year’s garden was very successful, we hope that this year’s garden will grow just as good if not better. We are also looking forward to our scheduled swim times this month where we will learn about water safety and practice our swimming skills. We will be making drums later this month and look forward to singing some beautiful songs. 

We would like to wish all the mothers, grandmothers, and aunties a Happy Mother’s day! We are very grateful to have such wonderful people in our lives!

The primary class has been very busy this past month, they have been doing lots of exciting things! They really enjoyed the winter carnival activities, especially swimming at the RATH Center and then watching the LEGO movie with their friends. We also did lots of fun things in the school from wearing crazy hair to playing minute to win it games in our classroom. The kids enjoyed the March break and came back ready to learn! We have been learning about capacity in math, the students really enjoy pouring and filling buckets with sand and water. We have been reading lots of new books and writing great stories! We are looking forward to the nice weather and would like to remind families that the mornings are still chilly so make sure to remind students to wear a warm coat. With spring comes lots of wet weather and mud, don’t forget to wear boots on rainy days! We are looking forward to next month and all the exciting things that we will be doing, especially with nicer weather and Easter around the corner! Happy Easter from the primary class!

The primary students have been very busy these past few months. They have been doing lots of reading and writing and are enjoying all the great stories we read! In math they are working on numbers to 10 and have learned many ways to count! Our students had a great time at the museum of natural history last month. They loved seeing the dinosaur exhibit and animals. They were able to play instruments and learned about the various cultures in Nova Scotia. We are looking forward to our upcoming winter carnival activities in a couple weeks, we are hoping for nice weather and no snow days!

We would like to wish Owen and Alex a Happy birthday for the month of February and we would like to wish Rekayla a happy birthday in March!


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