Pjilita'q Mi'kmaw Language - Elementary

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Hope everyone had a great break! March is over and that means winter is over. April is a busy month for Mi'kmaw language class, we will be hosting our pitwewey party, (tea).  Where I hope to see all the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncle will see how we are learnig our language back. Hopefully we will do more outdoor activities as the weather warm up. Please wash your hands all the time for 20 seconds, and keep safe during this time of year. If you have some cedar, let it steam all day long in your home, will help it keep clean.  People need to pray to the creator and give thanks all the time too, with some tobacco offering. 

Nmultis- see you later.
Tania Gould

Siwkw - Melting of snow, ice and ground - Spring
Nujkima’q - melting
Wastow - snow
Mkumi - ice
Maqmikow - ground
Kale’wimk - lent
Wiklatmu’j - little people
Alje’mamk - hockey
Kisu’lk - Creator
Wutan - community
Tanu’k - when
Kejitu - I know

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Mi'kmaw words Siewkesiku's (March)
Sikw- spring
Wiklatamu'j- Little ppl
Suat'tu-take it
Taliaq- whats going on?


February/Apunknajit is a very important month for Mi'kmaw people. We honour our people by sharing and gathering as much as possible.  Gathering to reinforce the commitments for friendship and community spirit. We attend birthday parties, baby showers and to the bingo games. 

Please try to feed/esmut Apuknajit on January 31 or full moon time.  It is a good time to pray and give thanks to the Creator.  Provide food and honour Apuknajit for safety and survival during the winter months.

Anyone who has lost his/her winter mittens can see if I have them.  I have mittens/gloves hanging in the hallway outside of my classroom.


Tania Gould Mi'kmaw Teacher (P-4).

Esmut:  Feed

Pestiewa'taqtimk:  Honouring our people.

Newtipunkek:  one year

Nme'j:  fish

Punamu:  Tommy Cod

Mkumi:  ice

Alio'qsay:  sliding

Alipqomi:  skate

Kamulamun:  heart

Welmitoq:  he/She is nice

Nitap:  friend

E'e:  Yes

Moqo:  no

Te'kek – It is cold.
Kiskuk – Today                                    
Saponu'k – Tomorrow
Pesaq – Snow is falling.          
Welta'si – I am happy.            
Lentuk – Deer
Wastew – Snow                      
Mijua'ji'j – Children                
 L'um'j – Puppy                        
Mia'wj - Kitten


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