Pjilita'q Mi'kmaw Language - Elementary

Kwe' Me'tal-wulwyn? Hi. How are you? Hope all is well. The School year has come to an end in a very different way this year.  Summer break has started a bit early, June 5th, I believe. Enjoy the long summer break. Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers!  Remember learning is still important during the summer, especially reading, try to keep reading! Practice Mi'kmaq words as much as possible. Check out the cool websites on the internet. Lots to choose from. One of sites, I like is Firstnationhelpdesk.ca.  Hope people stay safe and still try to stay home as much as possible. A quick shout out to all our follow graduate from LSK, and surrounding area. The year has been a very changeling one for many of you, dreaming of prom and graduation ceremonies which could not be held. With that said, you now still have a future with the grade 12 diploma in your hands the face the world. Congratulations to  all graduates of 2020.

Mi'kmaq words  for June/Nipniku's...

Nkij- my mom
Nutj- my dad
Ala tett. Over there
Nutj-Na'kwekl- father's day
Elukwel- He/she is working
Meski'k- it's big
Apje'jk- it's small
Ni'n- me
Ki'l – you
Nekm- he/she.

Story by Robert Munsch and translated into the Mi'kmaw Language by Elizabeth Paul and Barbara Sylliboy.

PDF icon State of Emergency Info803.44 KB

Information sheets in English and Mi'kmaq.

Kopit- Beaver
Jujij - Bug
Nmusti - My belly
Nmal'tem - My blood
Tepotk - Boots
Makkot - Dress
Welta'si - I am happy
Meskeyi - I am sorry
Pitewey - Tea
Samqwan - Water

Kwe. Hi!

How is everyone holding up? I am doing my best to be okay. These are hard times and we have to listen. Staying home and keeping 6 feet apart is a good way to start. I keep adding videos and clips on the web site for everyone to enjoy. Stay safe and stay home. All this will pass. Keep trying to say the mi'kmaw words as much as possible, even one word a day. I miss everyone and please listen to your parents and guardians.

Tania Gould

This is a book created to help families at home teach the Mi'kmaq Language.

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