Pjilita'q Mi'kmaw Language - Elementary

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Wiki Nipi Alasutmamk. Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a safe and cheerful Holidays.

There are many apps on line that students can use for free. just type in Mi'kmaw Apps. MK has created many apps to help with the Language, there are stories, songs and many more things. The First Nation help desk also has material to help with the language. The one I like is L'nui'suti, this helps in sound and spelling.  Each grade also has songs posted in seesaw for them to learn and sing proud. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mi'kmaw language
Tania Gould

  • Mia'wj - cat
  • ka'qaweji - crow
  • wije's - fly
  • Sqolj - frog
  • nmusti - my belly
  • nsituaqn - my ear
  • Nsiskw - my face
  • musqunamu'k - blue
  • nisqunamu'k - purple
  • kloqowej - star
  • tepknuset - moon
  • llila' - walk
  • laqtu - throw at him/her
  • weskeweyi - I am laughing
  • welijesi - i am cheerful.


We are still here.  It has been a hard few months.  I thank all our school staff.  Thank you, parents, for following our new Covid protocols and staying away.  Thank you to our students who are showing love for each other by keeping their distance, not sharing, wearing their masks and obeying our new school rules. Keep up the great work.  I am Mi'kmaq.  I am brown and I am PROUD!!

Mi'kmaq Words...

skite'kmuj (say-ge-guess-moss) - ghost

puoinui'skw (bow-we-nisk) - witch

l'nuoqta'w (ln-ue-a-doll) - scarecrow

mal'tewatalte'w (ma-due-a-dull-dale) - vampire

ejkuj (age-gush) - pumpkin

na'jipuktaqne - bat

wsiskwey - mask

nasipiska'tasite'w - skelton

mia'wj - cat



Happy Treaty Day!

Happy Mi'kmaq Month!

I always teach my students of LSK to be proud to be proud to be Mi'kmaq, proud to be brown-(light-skin).  Proud to have a unique language that you can't hear anywhere else in the world.

Greatest message I would to share is the important part of caring and sharing among our people.  Not many cultures have this gift, the gift of loving each other. 

Keep washing, covering your face and staying apart, as much as possible. We have been going outside for Mi'kmaw class the few day.  It is a challenge.  However, we will keep doing this as much as possible, so please dress children with extra sweater. Maybe expect some children to come home with mud, a little dirt and a smile. 

Fighting for our rights is amazing; love the good fight Sipekne'katik has done. Keep up the great work. Hard not mention this topic, for it is so important for our children to hear and learn about it.

The leaves are changing color, the moose are ready to be  harvest. Have a safe hunt.

Wela'lin Kisu'ilk! 

Thank you, Creator!
 Tania Gould

October:  animal-fattening moon

Toqwa’q – Fall
Amu - bee
Muin – bear
Jikjawiknejewamu'k – orange  
Maqtewe'k – black
Skite'kmuj – ghost
Puowinui'skw – witch
Ejkuj – pumpkin
Puktew – fire
Pi'kun – feather
Tepknuaset – moon
Api – net
Awo'kwejit – spider

Hello! – Kwe!

How are you today? – Me' katu taleyin kiskuk?

Welcome back - Apskwa'sit (comes back he/she).  Another school year has started, and it is a very different one; a year where we need to learn to respect the world a bit more.

Some lessons I have learned from the elders… RESPECT Covid 19!  Do not rush it!  We only have one chance with it because it does not give us a second chance.  The four medicines… tobacco, sweetgrass, cedar and sage… can help you fight to keep the virus away.  And the most important medicine of all is WATER.  Use it wisely.  Wash your hands with soap and water as much as possible.  The hand sanitizer is only a temporary fix until you can wash them. 

I am very excited to see you come back and learn more Mi'kmaw.  I will be focusing on going outside much as possible.  Please have children dress appropriately for the weather.

Stay safe, do your part, and we will be ok.

Mi'kmaw Teacher
Tania Gould

Mi'kmaw words for September. 

Wikumkewiku's – September; moose-calling moon- Majotukuiku's

Tia'm - moose

Tia'mu'j - moose calf

Epit - women

Ji'nm -man

E'pite'ji'j – teenage girl

Lpa'tuj - teenage boy

Kina' matino'kuomk - school

Wi'katikn - paper/book

A'se'k – back room

Ka'qn - door

Tupoiti - window

Nipk -summer

Toqwa'q - Fall

Weltek - nice

Wela'lin - thank you


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