Pjilita'q Mi'kmaw Language - Elementary

Kwe’l (Hi), 
Well-Pa’kewimk (Happy Easter!)
We are almost at the end of the school year.  Then it is Nipk-Spring time and school will be out for the summer.  We have so much fun learning in Mi’kmaq class this year. We cannot wait to go outside and use the Arbour as the classroom. It such a beautiful structure that we have use of. Wela’lin to all people involved in building it. Time for some dancing this term. Report cards have been given out, all the children have done great job in Mi’kmaq class. If you need to get a hold of me, call the school. 
Wela’lin, Ms. Gould

Mimajuaq - Life                                
Kisu’lk - Creator                                
Sipu – river                
Wutan – Community                                  
Tanu’k - When                                              
Kekkam –l ook                      
Kejitu - I know                                              
Siwkw – Spring                                 
Kujumuk - Outside
Mijipewy – Food                              
Sulewey – Money                             
Well-Pa’kewimk - Happy Easter

Wikiatamu’j - little people
Sikw - Spring
Sua’tu - take it
Taliaq - what’s going on?
Welikiskik - nice out
Weju’sik - windy
Pesaq - snowing
Kispesaq - raining
Alukk - cloudy
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