Pjilita'q Mi'kmaw Language - Elementary

Sikewiku's (March) – spawning moon
Si'stewey - Wednesday
Mntmu - oysters
Klamukisis - Uncle
Tukwiet - Waking  up
Jipasi - Scared 
Te'sik - Amount of
We'kaw - By the time
Suliewey - silver
Musqunamu'k - blue
Ta'pu - two
Malsano'kuom - store
Alipqomink - to skate
Kmis - older sister
Knekk - far
Kne'ji'jk - In a little while.

Hello everyone! It is time again for another update on school activities. Here goes: 

Math 11 Essentials - So far this semester we have been focussing on what investments are and how to appropriately plan investments that matter to you. We are discussing pension planning, GICs, mutual funds, and how the stock market affects prices. We looked at methods of data collection before this. Our next topic will be home finance and mortgage.
Math 11 At Work - So far this semester we have been focussing on calculating surface area of prisms. We are still engaged in this at the moment. We also have taken a look at converting Metric units to Imperial and vice versa.
Visual Art 12 - Students have been partaking in a number of drawing exercises, focussing on simple pencil drawings first. So far student work has been coming along very well. In the near future other styles of art will be studied including paint, design, and pottery. 
Keep up the good work everyone!

Kesaltimkewey Na’kwek
Happy Valentine’s Day.

Kwe’- Hello

Me’katu taeyin kiskuk?
How are you today?

Wishing everyone love and joy! Spread the love as much as you can. Winter is almost over, maybe? February and March can bring storms and blizzards. We will see!

The end of January, when the moon turned full, and last month is it was full on the 28th, our Mi'kmaw people fed the winter spirit... Apuknajit Esmut aqq Etamut (Feed and Give).  This important month and tradition has been lost so we need to bring it back.  Some people make an offering on February 1st.  I just believe we need to feed him this month, which is usually the coldest month.  I will be conducting lessons about this event during class and teaching the importance of this tradition and not to fear, but celebrate the hardest and coldest month of the year. 

Ta'puewewy -Tuesday
Sqolj - frog
Maa - Kiss
Kesalul - I love you.
Kiju - mom
Tata - dad
Na'kwek - day
Mekwe'k - red
Wisawsulieweyamu'k - gold
Pataluti - table
Kutputi - chair
Ka'qan - door
Tuopitl - window
Mnumkwej - groundhog
Kesaltultimkewe'l - Valentine

Pusu'l Puna’ne/ Happy new year!

Hoping everyone enjoyed their extended holidays! It was a different year, with no Christmas concerts for the children o display and show-off their Mi'kmaw skills. So far, the plan is for the students to return Jan 11. 2021, keep your fingers crossed. I missed all my students and the all the fun we have in Mi'kmaw class. just remember 1 word a day, will make a difference. Never stop trying to learn Mi'kmaw, it will be a life long journey. I am still learning new words every other day, for there are 5 million Mi'kmaw

words. Keep warm, dress for the weather. Also stay safe, wear your mask and wash your hands.

Mi'kmaw Teacher, Tania Gould

Punamujuiku’s Words of the Month:

ja'kwesn - hat
tepotk - boots
pita'qewew'l - pants
a'tlai - shirt
skinn - socks
makkot - dress
kot - coat
welta'si – I am happy.
tekniey – I am sweating.
ketu'samqway - I want to drink.
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Wiki Nipi Alasutmamk. Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a safe and cheerful Holidays.

There are many apps on line that students can use for free. just type in Mi'kmaw Apps. MK has created many apps to help with the Language, there are stories, songs and many more things. The First Nation help desk also has material to help with the language. The one I like is L'nui'suti, this helps in sound and spelling.  Each grade also has songs posted in seesaw for them to learn and sing proud. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mi'kmaw language
Tania Gould

  • Mia'wj - cat
  • ka'qaweji - crow
  • wije's - fly
  • Sqolj - frog
  • nmusti - my belly
  • nsituaqn - my ear
  • Nsiskw - my face
  • musqunamu'k - blue
  • nisqunamu'k - purple
  • kloqowej - star
  • tepknuset - moon
  • llila' - walk
  • laqtu - throw at him/her
  • weskeweyi - I am laughing
  • welijesi - i am cheerful.


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