Physical Education

November seemed to fly by. We were able to move back into the gym and we used the opportunity to do some units that were difficult to do outside. The older grades played badminton and volleyball and the younger grades played soccer and worked on fundamental movement skills. 

This month we move to online learning. Primary to 3 will have some Phys. Ed. incorporated into their online learning time and I'll be sharing ideas for being active around the house that they will be encouraged to try. The older grades will be given some resources to set some goals and to plan their physical activity. They will be asked to track their progress and check in with me from time to time. They are also encouraged to communicate with me through email if they need help making a plan or finding resources. 

I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season!

We have had above seasonal temperatures so far this year which we have been very appreciative of. However, this warm weather will not last forever! As the mercury dips below freezing it will be very important for students to come prepared to be warm when they have gym class because we will be outside as long as it is safe to be. 

In October grades 4-9 talked about what can make up a healthy lifestyle and started a poster project. In November we will be learning what a S.M.A.R.T goal is and setting some fitness ones for ourselves. We will be tracking our progress to achieving them over the course of the school year. We will also be doing some baseline fitness assessments to help us set meaningful goals. We will continue to try new games like volley baseball… the grade sevens played this in costumes which added to the fun!

I want to start by recognizing how well all our students are doing with adjusting to their return to school and all the changes to routine because of covid.  Physed class continues to be outside. So far we have been lucky to have had great weather on school days but I would like to remind everyone to be prepared as we enter fall and the temperature starts to get colder. We cannot use the gym at all and the classroom is pretty limiting so if the weather is bad we are still going outside. It is important to have a raincoat if it's raining and layers if it is cold.

This month K-2 grades will be working on balance, some fundamental movements, and going on some nature walks. Grades 3-9 are doing some work on mindfulness, nutrition, using both weak and dominant feet and hands for striking and they too will be going on nature walks. Grades 4-9 will also be doing some physical fitness testing to be able to create some s.m.a.r.t goals and track their progress over the year.

I wish everyone a happy and safe fall!

Hello, and welcome back.  I know this year school will be different from what it has been in the past but I am looking forward to doing the best I can, given these unusual circumstances.  For those of you who don’t know me yet, I am Gordon Pictou and I am excited to be teaching Phys. Ed.  I started a few weeks before Covid shut down school early last year.  I know there will be many challenges to offer gym classes safely, but I am confident we can still have fun moving and developing our athleticism.  One of the best ways to do this is by being outside; so, as much as possible, gym class will be outdoors this year. 

Who is this guy anyway?

I am from Millbrook and have been a teacher since 2002.  I taught in High School in HRM and adult learners in Sipekne’katik and Millbrook.  For the last few years I have been the Municipal Physical Activity Leader (MPAL) for Millbrook and in that role, I had worked with all our communities, planning and coordinating sport and recreation opportunities.  I have been a baseball coach for over 20 years and more recently, soccer, baseball and track.  I am a positive an energetic person and I try to be an encouraging and supportive coach.  If you would like to reach out to me to talk about your child or to know more about sport during the pandemic, I am happy to have those conversations with you.  This guy is also a father to three boys and we have a crazy beagle, a silly black lab, and two feral cats.  My mother is Phillipa Pictou and my dad is/was Bill Pictou, and I have two sisters, Karen and Amber.  I grew up in Halifax, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver before moving back to Millbrook in 2009.  I’m trying to learn to speak Mi’kmaq but I’m far from good at it yet… meskay.  I am very excited to have this excellent opportunity to work for this school and to serve our future generations in this community.

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PreK to Primary: This month will focus on underhand and overhand throwing as well as catching. There will be activities planned to gain more body/ball awareness. I hope to have students moving comfortably while grasping balls of different sizes. 

Grade 1 to Grade 7: Students will review and learn new games that include throwing and catching while moving. These games will include flag football, handball and ultimate frisbee. For grades P-3, there are plans to take students to Hop, Skip, Jump and for grades 4-6 there are plans in motion to take students to Get Air.

Grade 11: Students will be learning about preparation for activities such as hiking, camping, etc. This will lead into teaching and learning of different sports of interest, and to wrap up the month, students will put together a project plan and implement strategies to get staff and students in the school more active.

PreK to Grade 2: Students warm up and perform a variety of stretches to get ready for the day's activities. This month will be a focus on listening skills and development of motor skills such as catching, kicking, throwing and hitting. Games included red light-green light, bean bag toss, beach ball catching and carrying balls with spoons.

Grade 3 to Grade 6: Focus on strategy and movement. Students played a variety of different tag games and further into the month will play scooter hockey, crab soccer and European handball.

Grade 7 to Grade 9: Review of sport techniques learned earlier in the year. Weather permitting students will go outside for snowshoeing activities and ice hockey. Students are asked to ensure they are prepared to go outside for some of the PE classes. 

Keptekewiku's Physical Education is about having a positive mind-set to participate! 

PreK to Grade 5: everyday students continue to walk/run laps for warm up. Student's participated in gymnastics, yoga and meditation, volleyball, Dodgeball and volleyball. Game's included everybody's it, gargoyles, scooter hockey, broomball and polo. 

Middle school and Grade 9 have played lacrosse, Dodgeball, volleyball, polo, broomball, and participated in yoga and meditation. They continue to play intramural hockey on day two and three. Grade 8 and 9 both participated in a Sweat Lodge ceremony, with the Grade 9's constructing the Sweat Lodge with their Mi'kmaq class. At the end of this month, Grade's 7-9 will track their fitness and meals for one week as part of their nutrition outcomes, and high school students' will be traveling to Potlotek to participate in Dodgeball for MASH tournaments.


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