Hello Family and Friends of LSK,

October is upon us as we continue to explore beat and rhythm in all levels of elementary while learning to sing together and find our 'Head Voice’.  To understand this more simply we can think of songs that we sing that are 'high' and while we're singing we should feel and hear the tone of our voice in our heads.  Songs with lower melodies i.e. low sounds on the piano for example we will feel more in our diaphragms.

I'm sharing this with friends and families so you might sing with your children and observe the feeling you have while singing in your the song low and when you sing to you feel it in your diaphragm or is the song sung high and you feel the high sound of the song in your head?    Have fun singing together!  : )


Hello families,

I am pleased to introduce myself to the families , students and staff of LSK. My name is Caroline and I am the music teacher for pre-k to grade 6.  

This month I'm working on getting to know your children and their interests and strengths in music.  The grade 1 to 4 will begin to learn recorder ensemble playing. But first of course we're singing!  The grade 4 and 5's will be continuing to learn recorder and, as the year progresses, be introduced to concert band instruments and learn elementary rudiments and music reading for beginning band music.  When students are ready, we will perform for parents and friends at a date to be announced in a future newsletter.  

Your child's success and enjoyment in music starts with the same basics as any other classroom:  to learn they must listen so as not to waste class time and to be able to work together as a group. This is essential to future ensemble playing.   Please encourage your very young children to sing at home and to play to the beat. For the older elementary students, again parents, please encourage your child to sing and listen to a variety of music at home.

I look forward to a successful year with the students, staff and families of LSK and I want to thank all those I've met thus far for a very warm welcome to your beautiful school and community.

Blessings, Caroline 

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