Congratulations on your achievements Class of 2020!  Dream big, and always live with hope and gratitude.  This ending is not the one you dreamed of but the future holds all of your dreams… so dream big!

Congratulations graduates of 2020.

Ms. Bev, Music Teacher, LSK School

Notes from the Music Room…

I am looking forward to seeing the elementary students in September.  We will have lots of surprises in the music room in the form of new instruments and activities to explore together throughout the school year.  I am excited to be returning next year as your music teacher.  I anticipate we will be making lots of great music at LSK in the 2020-2021 school year.  Have a safe and fun-filled summer!

I’ll See You in September… Do you know that is the title of a song by the group ‘The Happenings’ from the year 1966?  As I always say, “There’s a song for everything.”  (Check it out on YouTube).

Ms. Bev, Music Teacher, LSK School

Hello Dear Music Students,
I hope you'll enjoy some or all of the activities on music bingo.  Maybe you can get a full card!  Music is all around you!  Did you ever notice, the ticking of the clock is a 'steady beat'?   Even the washing machine at home plays a 'steady beat' when it's on! LOL  Listen to the beautiful music the birds sing to us when we are outside.  Can you sing the same notes as the birds? A windy, rainy day can 'set a mood' just like music. Think about a windy, rainy day compared to a soft gentle rain of a silent snowfall. The sound of cars passing by our houses lets us hear 'crescendo and decrescendo' (getting louder, getting softer). Can you notice other environmental sounds around you?  I bet you can come up with even more! Sound is all around! 
I am looking forward to enjoying music class with you again and seeing your smiling faces. Keep on singing!

Ms. Bev

Home Learning Lessons for Pre-K to Grade 5.

Hello Dear Music Students, 

I hope you are finding some time to enjoy some music activities.  I have posted some great music websites for you to explore.  There are some familiar songs posted as well. Soon there will be a link to that great song ‘Shine’ by Keith Mullins.  I will also be posting some new activites for you soon on the music class page.

In the meantime, stay healthy and safe.  I hope you will always let your light ‘Shine’ for those you love.

Missing you!   
Ms. Bev 

Song dedicated to Loaves and Fishes who have been feeding people for a very long time in the place that I grew up, Sydney, NS." - Keith Mullins

We are the World (2020) | Together At Home Edition by Channel Aid, KHS & YouTube Artist

In 2018 we recorded the remake of "We are the World" together with YouTube Music and 33 artists at the legendary Capitol Studios at Studio A in Los Angeles. It was a very special feeling for everyone. We wanted to show that the online world stands together for something special. None of us would have thought that exactly this song would be so important again 15 months later. The Covid-19 has reached us. We all have to stay at home. We all have to limit ourselves to prevent bad things happening and to save lives. Because of this we have decided to show solidarity with all the artists + Allie Sherlock from 2018!

Hello LSK music students! 

I miss all my LSK singers from JrK to grade 6.  I am disappointed that we are still not able to be in school to enjoy our music classes.  I have just posted some songs for you to enjoy on the music class page.  Some of the songs you will recognize from music class and some will be new to you.  These songs I had already recorded for a children's album I have been working on.  I hope you enjoy them and we will sing them altogether when we return to school. 

I hope you have the opportunity to check out some of the music websites I have provided for you earlier.  There are some fun games and activities for you to enjoy.  I will send other information for you again in the near future.
Please stay healthy.  I will look forward to seeing you as soon as school starts again.  In the meantime, keep on singing! 
Virtual hugs to all of  you!  Ms. Bev 

Hello Pre Primary to Grade 6 LSK Music Students. I am missing all of my music students during this  extended break.  I would like for you to keep 'in tune' with some music activities if you have technology available at home. I hope you are singing some of our favourite songs as well!   I have researched some music websites that you may like to explore. Below is a list and you can easily locate other music lesson sites.  login: snow  password: 2020  Instruments of the Orchestra

PBSkids. music games

Google chrome music lab

I look forward to welcoming you back to our music room as soon as possible!  Keep singng!

Stay healthy! 
Ms. Bev

Notes from the music room…

Music is in the air at LSK!  And here’s proof… last week I had the pleasure of listening to one of our Grade 5/6 students singing one of our ‘classroom songs’ to himself while at his locker… music to my ears for sure!

On February 20th, we had the pleasure of spending the entire day with the multi-talented award-winning musician, Keith Mullins.  This ECMA, Juno winner had the students engaged and captivated throughout the grade level sessions. The music students were captivated and amazed at Keith’s ability to play four, yes FOUR instruments while singing his original songs. ‘Firefly’ and ‘Somebody Cares’ were great hits at LSK that day and continue to be in music classes.  Our day ended with all students performing their newly-acquired musical skills in the gym for students and staff. 

It was an honor and privilege to spend such quality time with Cape Breton’s own Keith Mullins.  I know Keith left the students with inspiration to continue to develop their own musical skills and follow their passion. 


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