Mi'kmaq Language 7-9

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Welcome back to school at LSK. This year we are back in the Mi'kmaw Language classroom (Grade 10 HR) right beside the Grade 9 room. This year, I will be teaching Mi'kmaw 7, 8, 9, and Grade 8 Health. I will be doing some Outdoor/Leadership activities with students. For the second semester, I will also be teaching some Family Studies. In closing, I look forward to seeing you all back in the classroom!

Greg Marr and Mary Lou

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Sap collection and preparation.

Students from Grades 5 to 9 participated in making maple syrup and are in the process of having a feast for the Harvest Moon during Maple Sap time.

For the month of April we will begin preparations for Easter, Spring, Part of the body. For outdoor education we will begin preparations for Ji'kaw (Bass).

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During the months of January and February Junior High Mi'kmaw students will be participating in Outdoor Education activities.

We will be working on the following activities:
Outdoor Ice surface (weather permitting)
Trapping Unit (Rabbit snares)
Making a fire & Boiling the Kettle (New activity)

This past week our Grade 6 class caught a rabbit in their snares! Special thanks to Kelly Oliver for grasping the learning opportunity to share with our students about cleaning the rabbit. Jon Michael did a Rabbit Skinning presentation for our students. The students decided to gift the rabbit to our elder Mary Lou Bernard. The next day, elder Mary Lou, teacher Carol Howe and EA Norma Paul made a rabbit stew with traditional 4 cents. The grade 6 class had a feast in the kitchen.

Greg Marr & Mary Lou Bernard

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“The Mi’kmaq soldiers are forever in peace, for as long as we live, so be it”
Poppy, Poppy
Poppy, what do you say?
Wasuekji’j, koqwey talimiek?
Wear me on Remembrance Day
Naskuwitesk Mikwitetimkewey Nakwek
Poppy, what do you tell me?
Waseukji’j, koqwey telimn?
Many soldiers in battle fell
Pukwelk smaknisk matntultimk neputipnik
Poppy, what shall you teach us?
Wasuekji’j koqwey kekinamuiek?
That peace on earth should grow
Na wantaqo’ti uksitqamuk nikwetew.


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