Our LSK Library has been named in her honour since we opened in 2008.

Well, another month has come and gone.  It was quite a busy month trying to get back into the routine after the Christmas Break.  Now we look forward to seeing if the groundhog sees its shadow or not.  It doesn’t really matter because Mother Nature takes care of the weather.  At least the students have been able to enjoy the snow, what with building a snowman or creating snow angels or even sledding.  The colder weather has also helped with our community ice rink.  It is nice to see our students so excited to do a little outdoor skating.  Thank you to all the volunteers for their efforts.  

February marks the “Library Lover’s Month”.  On the 5th  is the World Read-Aloud Day followed by the International Mother Language Day on the 21st.  The one I am looking forward to is the Tell a Fairy Tale Day on the 26th.  I have lots of Fairy Tale books to share with our students.  Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, snuggly blanket and a good book!!

Another Christmas holiday has come and gone.  I hope that everyone enjoyed their time off and that Santa was very good to everyone.  Let’s start off this New Year on a positive note.  

Our Scholastic Book Fair was another success!  This year we sold $2,417.83 worth of product which earned the school $1,208.92 in commission.  The commission was used to purchase books for students who were unable to shop during the fair, build up the classroom libraries for the Junior High ELA classroom and the Senior High English classes, purchase several Indigenous books for the library and purchase books for the Fall Fair Book Walk activity.  Not all monies were spent and we have some put aside for other educational materials.

Welcome back Kaleriah, Zailyn, Kingston, and a new welcome greeting to Phoebe and Sophia.  Speaking of welcoming back… welcome back to Mr. Bryan Brooks.  Bryan’s previous role was as the physical education teacher and this year he will be stepping into his new role as the Guidance Counsellor.  We wish him all the best.  Some other staff changes are in music (Dorota), Elementary Learning Centre (Mary and Joanne), physical education (Kavita) and grade two (Tyler).  I wish you all the best in your new roles.

December is here and you know what that means… SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR!!!  This year the fair begins on December 9th and runs until December 13th, 2019.  If anyone is interested in purchasing gift certificates for the event, we will be selling them in amounts of $5, $10 and $20.  For additional information, please come see me in the library.

The students are excited for their upcoming Christmas concert, turkey dinner and of course, our Christmas Break.  I imagine there are going to be some very excited people (little and big) who are waiting for the big day… CHRISTMAS!!!  I am not afraid to admit that I am super excited, too.  I wish our staff, students and their families all the best for the holidays.  Enjoy the times spent with your family and friends.  I hope Santa is good to everyone… even the ones who had a couple of slips along the way.  The spirit of Christmas is pretty forgiving.  Merry Christmas!!!

November is shaping up to be a month that doesn’t feel as overwhelming as September and October.  This is good because it will give us an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices that our Veterans (past and present) have made.  They helped make a world of freedoms and opportunities.  Wela’lioq sma’knisk!  I truly appreciate all your contributions and sacrifices.

Heads up… our Scholastic Book Fair is scheduled for December 9th to 13th, 2019 and as soon as more info is available, I will make sure that your child receives it.

Our Remembrance Day celebration is scheduled for Friday, November 8th, and school will be closed on the Monday, November 11th in observance.

Reminder… on November 3rd…  turn you clocks back one hour… 

Fall is here.  Not only are the leaves turning and the weather is cooling down, but it also is harvest time.  Last month I was able to go apple picking with grades primary to three.  It was a fun time.

Speaking of last month… we had the Terry Fox Run/Walk where our students raised $408.25 in donations for cancer research.   Then we celebrated “Nitap/Gay Pride Day.  We received tie-dyed t-shirts for the event, along with booklets and bracelets.  Then we celebrated “Orange Shirt” day.  These were all memorable events but the tastiest one was when we were treated to a meal of stew and Luski.  It was delicious.  Yes, September was filled with many, many treats and activities.  

September went so quickly and now it is October.  I am looking forward to Treaty Day, Thanksgiving Day and Halloween.   I can’t wait to see all the students’ costumes.  Trick-or-Treat!!!  Everyone have a safe (and delicious) month of October!!

Well, well, well.  It is the beginning of a new school year.  I am sure that many of you are just as excited to be back as I am. By the way, where did the summer go??

I am proud to be back working on our school newsletters and our school website.  FYI… the newsletters are posted on our website for your convenience, but if you would like a hard copy, just let me know and I will make sure you receive one. Forward a request to me via your child.

September is going to be especially busy for us with all the upcoming activities. Can’t wait to take photos of the events. Also, photos and videos are also posted on the website.

Now, before I forget, I would like to congratulate my fellow classmates (Ms. Kelly Oliver, Ms. Helena Sack, Ms. Tabetha Stephens and Ms. Carol Howe) on completing the Masters in Education course.  It was a long two years, but we did it!!  Yay us!

Welcome Back Everyone!!

May is over and it was such an exciting month.  Thank you to Ms. Tania Gould for hosting our first Mi’kmaw Pitewey Social for the parents/guardians of students in grades Primary to five.  Everyone did a great job and it was nice to see many parents/guardians in attendance.  Our students were very honoured to have their family be a part of their learning. Great job everyone.

The month of May also saw students participate in a Pollinator workshop learning about which plants to grow in order to support our pollinators.  Elephant Thoughtsreturned to do some Energyand Wacky Scienceworkshops for all grades.

It was also so nice to see our students learning about bass fishing and conservation.  I only wish I was able to go fishing with them.  And the month ended with Drum Making workshops.  We will be celebrating the creations of these drums with a community feast held in the Sipekne’katik Mawio’mi Arbor to be held in June.

In closing, I want to wish all the best to our graduates.  I hope you have a wonderful day and I can’t wait to see you at the prom; need to take some pictures of everyone dressed up. Thank you to students and staff for another great year and I hoped everyone enjoyed reading this monthly newsletter as much as I enjoyed our achievements and great times.  Finally, thank you to Ms. Kelly Oliver for doing a great job this first year as our Principal.  Here’s to many more!!

Winter Carnival is always so much fun, especially after a very busy few months of school.  Thanks to the committee for their hard work in organizing so much fun, engaging activities.  I especially enjoyed the movies.  I was also able to attend the art gallery field trip with the Grade Three class.  We saw some beautiful creations that I hope have inspired some of our budding artists.

March Break was very nice and I was glad for it.  Not only did it give me a break from work, but I also got a break from my schoolwork. One more class and I will have another course completed!!  See, learning never stops.

When we returned back to work on Monday (March 25th) all staff was able to participate in a Healing workshop.  I want to thank Ms. Kelly Oliver for requesting the session and to Ms. Velvet Paul for supplying each classroom with a smudging kit.  The teaching that Cpl. De-Anne Sack shared with us was very empowering.  Now we will be able to offer our students the opportunity to participate in a smudge if they feel the need.  And it was an especially wonderful presentation because De-Anne agreed to spend her 50thbirthday here at school sharing her knowledge.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a blessed and peaceful Easter. 

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