High School Science/Math

Math 10 is currently working on a measurement unit. Which includes Imperial and metric units, surface area and volume.

Math 11 is is about to learn about the Sine law and Cosine law. 

Physics 12 is learning about kinematics and dynamics with 2D problems. 

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Well, we've ended April with another lockdown, and so we start May classes online. Luckily we have been through this before and everyone knows what to do. We were prepared (as Frankie MacDonald would say). There are pros and cons of working online. Please focus on the pros and try your best. Your teachers are here to help. 

"Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding."
— William Paul Thurston, American mathematician

Morgan MacDonald
Science/Math at LSK

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Semester 2 is off to a good start here in High School land and Just like that February is behind us.

Math 12 is working on different types of functions (quadratic, cubic, exponential and logarithmic) Math 10 at work is working on linear relationships.
Math at Work 10 is working on imperial and metric measurements.

Keep up the good work!

The first semester is over and we are halfway through the school year. For high school students, this is a fresh start. Most students will have all new courses.

However, students in Math 10 Foundations & Pre-cal are only halfway with 4 more units left. 

Morgan MacDonald will also be teaching Math 12 Foundations and Math at Work 10. 

Good luck to everyone!

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Math 10 has just wrapped up our measurement unit. We will now be starting trigonometry. 

Math 11 has just wrapped up our logical reasoning unit and we are already into our trigonometry unit. 
Math at Work 12 has had a very productive Month putting 2 units behind us and already into our linear relationships unit. 

Morgan MacDonald
Science/Math at LS


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