My name is Bryan Brooks and I recently switched roles from being the Physical Education teacher to the School Counsellor for Junior High and High School.  I am not limited to just Junior High and High School.  If your child is in the elementary grades and you wish that I work with him or her, please do not hesitate to reach out.

When entering my office, there will be a hand sanitizer at the door that every student and teacher will be required to use when entering and leaving.  During individual counselling, students do not need to wear a mask since we will be 6ft apart, but during group sessions, everyone will be required to wear a mask.  The first week of school, I will be going class to class to explain my role and how sessions will work this year.

It has been a while since we were all under one roof but I assure you, teachers, staff and administration will be working hard to make this school as safe as possible.  There are directional stickers on the floor, hand sanitizing stations throughout the school, stops signs on the doors and rules/procedures that are in place.  We have a great team at LSK and we are excited to start this school year 

Bryan Brooks
School Counsellor


I hope everyone is well and safe in these turbulent times.  For those of you who don't know me, my Name is Mary Davies and I teach 2 classes of senior high a semester and the other half of my timetable is devoted to Guidance Counselling for P-6 and any student who feels more comfortable speaking with a female counsellor. This is my 11th year at LSK and I'm going strong!  If you would like your child to visit me on a regular basis, please inform their teacher who will, in turn, inform me so that I can add them to my schedule.  Please rest assured that the LSK staff's first priority is the safety of your children. Yes, we are in different and difficult times but, as Maya Angelou says,

"It's not how well we weather the storm, but that we learn to dance in the rain."

Hope all is going well, Sipeknekatik!!

I created, along with Mary Davies, a Mental Health google classroom for grades 7-12.  We upload information about anxiety, depression, resilience, self esteem strategies, conquering negative thinking, etc.  They are all worksheets that the kids can work with from home.  All of the kids are invited.

We upload information on the LSK Facebook page on resources we find as well.  Feel free to take a peek and try them.

I also created a google classroom for my Psychology 12 class at the beginning of the semester.  All work for my students are uploaded on that site and is up to date.  

Thank you,
Bryan Brooks
School Counsellor
Psychology 12 Teacher

I just came across a great resource from a website called, Counsellor Keri! Lots of activities to help students track goals, create routines, how to be mindful, use some responsive strategies, become more familiar with grounding techniques and other strategies. Take a peek. 

Please remember, if your child needs to chat, my email is We can arrange a time to chat via Zoom, Google Hangout or on the phone.

 "May you have the gladness of Christmas which is hope;                                                               

The spirit of Christmas which is peace; 

 The heart of Christmas which is love."

 -   Ada V. Hendricks  

Hope, Peace and Love – the very best of Christmas gifts.  So easy to hear, so easy to say, so difficult to give. But you can’t wear these three things, or eat or drink them so does that make them unacceptable Christmas gifts?  Do we only value the material and tangible over everything else?  Sadly, I think we do but this is the time to change that.  Bring Hope, Peace and Love to your family in any way you can. Perhaps, by doing this, we can create a better community, town, city, country, continent, and world.  Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all.

Drama 10

We are in the homestretch in this class.  November has come and gone and 3 of the 4 Drama Units have been covered. The masks have been made, clown creation, mime and tableau have been experienced and we now are ready for the final unit – Theatre! Hopefully, we can use all we have learned so far and apply it to theatre works.  The Drama 10 students are more than capable of pulling this off to a really high standard. As much as I am happy that we have covered so much, I will miss these students when Semester 2 begins.

Hello November, you’re here again.  The chilly winds forecast snow and ice in abundance. It happens every year so we take it for granted. We also think that only big things will be noticed or loud voices will be heard. We take that for granted too. Like the stillness and quiet of November days, we need to be quiet and listen to all the small voices, watch all the small happenings, for they are important and should be heard and seen.  Thank you, November for making us realize that small voices should be heard.

Drama 10

The class has bonded well and feels safe with each other to try new things.  We have finished the Speech Unit and are now on the Movement Unit. We ended October with the making and decorating of papier maché masks, reminiscent of the Venetian Drama and Comedy masks that represent the world of Drama. The students were very creative and the end products were fabulous.  My hat is off to the students of my Grade 10 Drama Class.

October is almost here and it feels like we only started back to school yesterday. Fall is my favourite season but I'm not in any kind of rush to see it. Oops too's here. Halloween things are in the stores and Fall door wreaths are in abundance. Leaves are falling and soon it will be sweater and jacket weather. Embrace this time of year for everything is getting ready to start over. Let's be included. Hello October.

Drama 10 – What a great group of students! They are ready and willing to partake in all aspects of drama. We have covered the first module, Foundations, and learned to trust ourselves, our classmates, and the safety of the Drama 10 classroom. We will begin to work on the end of the month presentation as soon as the work on the movie, Smoke Signals, is finished. I look forward to the rest of the semester of acting, drama and comedy.

Here we are again at the beginning of another school year.  Often we assume that the same old month, filled with the same old things, couldn’t surprise us if it tried.  For myself, I will not only be doing Guidance Counselling, but I will also be teaching Drama 10 in semester one which is a new course at LSK.  For the second semester I will be teaching another new course at LSK – Psychology 12.

 Also, it is a pleasure to welcome back students who had transferred schools and are now back at LSK, as well as some totally new students.  As well, let’s not forget any of our students.  Let’s look at this school year as an adventure, an exercising in bonding, and a chance to learn.  Surprise me, September!

It’s finally here – the month of June. It usually inspires thoughts of love, marriage, the beginning of summer and, of course, to graduates far and wide, it means you have completed another step in your educational journey. 

This is the month we see the bees working as hard as, well.... bees. Do we see as many as we used to? No, we do not and the reason why is unknown. We are encouraged to plant bee flower gardens to help maintain the population. The picture says the bee is not afraid or angry that all her honey can be stolen. Why? Because no one can ever steal her art of honey making. Be like the bee…know that no one can ever take away your abilities, talents and education. But, if you do not use them then they will be wasted for yourself and others. 

“Happy Graduation” to all Grads. I will miss you but I also envy you. You have your whole life ahead of you. Be positive and rock the world! 

Have you seen the calendar lately?  It’s May already! It seems as if the school year has barely begun, it’s gone so fast.  I contribute that to the many opportunities for humour during our school day. When I first came to LSK I had a difficult time being “laughed at” as, in the non-Native lifestyle, one only laughed at jokes.  Am I ever glad I came here and was re-educated in this.  I can laugh at myself now and not in a negative way.  Laughter makes a, sometimes, bad day turn itself around and become a good day.  So thank you Indian Brook, L’nu Sipuk Kina’muokuom, and the many friends I have made here for teaching me that, indeed, a day without laughter is a day wasted.


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