Grade 9

Winter has gone and spring has arrived! To start the new season, the grade seven class is learning how to use patterns to solve equations, the grade eight class is using ratios and rate to compare numbers and quantities, and the grade nine class is learning how to solve algebraic problems containing powers and variables. 


Photos of students' STEM challenge by Ms. Erika Hilchey.

The grade seven class will begin the month by learning how to add and subtract positive fractions and mixed numbers. They will use fractions to read gauges, shop, measure, etc. The grade eight class are beginning to solve problems involving percents, ratios and rates. They have been using ratios and rates to compare numbers and quantities and comparing prices when shopping. The grade nine class will be learning about polynomials which are the building blocks of algebra. They will be using polynomials to model real-world situations in business, science, medicine and engineering. 

Since the beginning of January, the grade seven class have been measuring circles, triangles and parallelograms which are shapes used in design, architecture and construction. The grade eight class have been busy learning how to measure prisms and cylinders. Since most products are packaged in boxes and cans, the students have been thinking about how a box or can is made. The grade nine students finished writing their midterm exams and will be learning about linear relations and patterns. They will model real-world situations with a linear relation and use the relation to make predictions and solve problems. For example, the total cost of a pizza is a fixed cost for a particular size, plus a cost that depends on the number of toppings added.

Pusu’l Puna’ne! I hope everyone had a nice holiday break after a few weeks of online learning. I am excited to be back in the school building to welcome our students back. The grade nine class will continue learning about square roots and the surface area of objects before writing their midterm exam at the end of the month. The grade eight class will begin measuring prisms and cylinders while the grade seven class will start the year exploring circles and area. I hope we all do our part to make sure that 2021 starts on a positive note back at LSK.

The holiday season is her and so is virtual learning.  It is going to be an adjustment for all of us involved but I plan on making it an enjoyable and engaging experience.  The grade seven class are continuing their exploration of the relationship between decimals, fractions and percents; the grade eight class will be performing operations with fraction; the grade nine class are finishing off their unit on rational numbers.  Let's all do our best when learning new things at the end of 2020 so we can go into 2021 feeling confident and accomplished.

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!

Junior High School Math

This month the grade 7 math class have been learning about transformations by graphing translations, reflections and rotations on a coordinate grid. 

The grade 8 math class have been learning about adding/subtracting and multiplying/dividing integers. They’ve discovered that we use integers when we talk about weather, finances, sports, geography and science.

The grade 9 math class have been performing multiple operations with positive and negative rational numbers (fractions and decimals). 

Grade 9 cell organelle cakes. Fun way to review parts of the cell.. a culminating activity to learning about cell organelles - Erika Hilchey

Junior High School Math 

Wela’lin!  I would like to welcome everyone back to LSK for the start of another school year. So far, LSK’s junior high school math classes have been making up for lost time. The grade seven class is learning how to add and subtract integers; the grade eights are investigating patterns in square roots; and the grade nines are exploring exponent laws. The students are also learning how to use technology in the classroom so they become more familiar with it at home. I am looking forward to a full year of exploring and problem solving.

Wela’lin!  I would like to welcome everyone back to LSK for the start of another school year. I have been looking forward to returning to the building to work with staff and students after all we have been through during these unprecedented times. Even though the school experience is going to feel different this year, it is still going to be great to see everyone again. With the pandemic still ongoing, there is going to be an emphasis on digital learning, self-care and mutual respect. It is only by working together that we all will not only just survive, but thrive. I’m excited to help my students thrive this year and into the future.


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