Grade 9

This month the grade seven students are working on adding & subtracting fractions and decimals while the grade eight students will be multiplying and dividing fractions. The grade nine students are learning how to perform various operations with rational numbers.

Kwe!  To start October the grade 7 Class have been learning about transformations by graphing translations, reflections and rotations on a coordinate grid. 

The grade 8 Math class is learning about adding/subtracting and multiplying/dividing integers. They’ve discovered that we use integers when we talk about weather, finances, sports, geography and science.

The grade 9 class have been performing multiple operations with positive and negative rational numbers (fractions and decimals). 

Junior High School Math 

 Wela’lin!  I would like to welcome everyone back to LSK for the start of another school year. So far, LSK’s junior high school math classes have been hard at work adding and subtracting integers, investigating patterns in square roots, explaining and using the Pythagorean Theorem, and exploring exponent laws. Please feel free to stop by and see what your child has been up to.

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Spring is in the air and summer is getting close. But the LSK Junior High students are still hard at work. The grade seven class just finished their unit on fractions where they discovered that fractions are used to read gauges, shop, measure and are used in sports, recipes and business. The grade eight class is currently working on data analysis, which involves graphs and pictures of data. They have found out that knowing the best way to present data can help them communicate ideas more effectively. The grade nine class is learning how architects, engineers, designers and surveyors use similarity and scale diagrams routinely in their work and are themselves drawing and interpreting scale diagrams.

Spring is here and the junior high school students are still working hard. The grade seven and eight classes have been solving equations that they would find in everyday situations such as rates of pay, car rentals and dosages of medicine. The grade nine class have been learning about linear equations and inequalities and how they occur in everyday situations involving ratios and rates, scientific contexts and financial applications.

The junior high school students have been busy mathletes to start off the spring season.  The grade seven class has been learning about fractions and mixed numbers. The grade eight class is learning about algebraic operations.  The grade nine class is starting their unit on linear equations and inequalities which occur in everyday situations involving ratios and rates, geometry formulas, scientific contexts and financial applications.

This month the grade seven class will be learning how to add and subtract positive fractions and mixed numbers and will learn to use fractions to read gauges, shop, measure, etc.

The grade eight class have been solving problems involving percents, ratios and rates. They have been using ratios and rates to compare numbers and quantities and comparing prices when shopping.

The grade nine class have been learning about polynomials, which are the building blocks of algebra. They will be using polynomials to model real- world situations in business, science, medicine and engineering.

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Chronic Absence - 18 or more days
Warning Signs - 10 to 17 days
Satisfactory - 9 or fewer days

Please help us help your child to be successful in school by ensuring that they attend school on a regular basis.

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