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Greetings everyone,

I hope all students and families of LSK are staying safe and healthy at this time. I want to say thank you to all of my grade 8 students who quickly helped clean up our classroom on Tuesday, and please continue to follow along on Google Classroom as we make our transition to online learning this month. We have begun our class novel study of Hatchet in ELA8 and Indian Horse in ELA9.  We will continue to work on these together during our google classroom meets. Looking forward to seeing all my students online!


Happy Halloween everyone!

We have had a very busy October so far. In grade 8 social studies we have been working on making our own Treaty education videos! In grade 7 social studies we broke into groups and researched the 7 districts of the Mi'kma'ki. Each group learned about the history and geography of one of the districts that still exist today.  Middle school is looking forward to this Friday the 30th for some Halloween fun and treats!


Fun way to review parts of the cell. Grade 8’s made theirs as a culminating activity to learning about cell organelles - Erika Hilchey

Happy October,
It has been a busy first few weeks of school and wonderful to have our students return to LSK! In middle school Social Studies classes we have been discussing and researching treaty rights, and Mi'kmaq cultural history! We also had an exciting opportunity to  participate in the Ji'kmaqnn Making Workshop, and we are looking forward to celebrating Orange shirt day this week!

Welcome back to LSK!

My name is Meredith, I have been working at LSK for two years teaching in the High School Resource room. I am so excited to be moving into the middle school hallway this year! I will be teaching grade 8 and 9 ELA, grade 7-8 Social Studies, and grade 9 Citizenship. 
I hope everyone had fun this summer, I can't wait to see everyone soon and welcome you back to class!
I am including a few photos of our freshly cleaned and socially distanced classroom ready to go!
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What a long strange trip it's been. This year has come and gone with so many changes. You are living through a time in history that will be studied for a hundred years. I am proud of each and every one of you and have been honored to  teach you this year. Your academic journey is just starting and you all have adapted very well to the changes that were laid in front of all of us. Great job! 

Well it's about time for me to let you all go and enjoy your summer. So see you next academic year. 
Stay safe and strong.
Mr. Mac

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."  ..... Franklin D. Roosevelt

Everyone goes through hard times and handles the situation differently. People cope in different ways but that is what makes us who we are. Some situations may be more hard than others, but that does not take away from the fact that you are going through a hard time. Whether you are the one going through the tough situation or the supporter of those going through the tough situation, this letter applies to you.

Here are some reminders to never forget while dealing with a hard circumstance. Do not forget to take care of yourself. Some people are too busy thinking about how to support their friend or family member that they lose focus on themselves. Make sure to stay up on your own schedule to ensure that you are okay too. Also, do not forget about all the people who are there to love, support, and help you. If you need help coping with anything, make sure to reach out for it because your family and friends are willing to do anything to help you. It will also help you take some stress away from you to put responsibility on other people instead of trying to take it all on yourself. Just remember, do not forget to take care of yourself and know that people will always be there supporting you.

It is easier to say than to believe, but everything always gets better. Try to think more positively about the situation rather than to get caught up in the moment thinking that nothing will ever get better. It is a hard concept to fully believe but it will pay off in the end. There are always ways to handle the situation in a positive aspect. Positive thinking is not just a mindset, it will make a difference in the way you act, think, and help others. It is a huge factor to be a supporter or to go through a difficult time. When in doubt, just think on the bright side and remember the show must go on.

Weekly assignments have been posted for April and are as follows.

Social Studies 7
1 Conflict
2 Conflict and Peace
3 Centralization
4 Non Violence

Social Studies 8
1 Conflict
2 Global Conflict
3 The Cold War
4 Media and Violence

Citizenship 9
1 Economic island
2 Budgeting
3 Money Matters
4 Financial Planning
5 Credit

Stay safe and stay strong! 
Mr. Mac.

PDF icon English Outcomes for grades 7-943.81 KB

Outcomes to be covered while working digitally for grades 7-9.

Salutations to all. It’s just Mr. Mac here reporting from Superman’s fortress of solitude. The big guy is hanging out on the dark side of the moon and he asked me to fortress sit for a while. Well it has been quite a few weeks we have been going through and the world has changed. With that being said we will all get through this together. 

This week I sent out student work that covered the following outcomes for grade 7 Social Studies.  The outcomes are:

Learners will analyze the causes and outcomes of conflict and cooperation in Canada.

What causes people to be in conflict with each other?

How can conflict be non-violent?

Students were asked to research the Alton gas project and how it impacted local people as well as how students leaned about the legal process in Nova Scotia.

In Grade 8 Social Studies outcomes included:

How can we prevent conflicts from escalating to national, international or global levels?

What motivates people to cooperate?

To reach these outcomes I had students prepare a letter from the viewpoint of Prime Minister Trudeau to President Trump regarding the turning away at the border of much needed N95 masks.  I also had students find and list COVID 19 hotspots throughout the world.


Last but not least, students in Citizenship 9 cover the outcomes:

How do an individual’s choices affect other individuals, groups and communities?

Analyze internal and external factors that affect personal financial capability (PCD/CT/T).

To reach the first I had students create a society based on basic economic principles and to reach the second outcome I had students start to think about what costs are associated with what they have in their own bedrooms. Everything has a price.

Well, that’s it for me.
Happy Easter and stay strong.
Mr. Mac


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