Grade 8

Students are now settled and it is time for work. Summer is over and it is the first day of fall. Classes are moving forward and students are accomplishing great things. In Social Studies 7, students are completing maps of the first European settlements in Nova Scotia and finding the reasons why they moved to the area. Grade 8 Social Studies students have taken a broader look at some of the same issues surrounding early immigration to Canada. In October students will start an Aboriginal Time line of events from 1400 to the present. At the same time students will also be completing a European timeline and then compare and contrast any similar events in their histories.

Grade 7 Science students are about to finish a unit on Global Warming. This will end with a debate outlining the pros and cons of Global Warming. The next course of study will be an introduction to Cells. Grade 8 Science students have been learning about Climate Change. An experiment using different types of solutions added to water and how to filter impurities out; some are more successful than others. Oil is easier to clean up than chemicals in the water.

Grade 9 Science students have been learning about cell structure as will as how to use the microscope.

Last, but not least, Grade 7 Health Science students have been learning about mental health and self esteem.

That’s it for me.

Thanks, Mr Mac

Welcome Back!  I cant believe summer is over and it back to school.  This year I will be teaching grade 7, 8 and 9 Science.  I will also be teaching Grade 7 and 8 Social Studies and Grade 7 Health. So, a busy year ahead and my experience over the years tells me that before we all know it we will be saying our goodbyes. Yes for another year and that we will be saying hard to believe another prom has come and gone.

I hope every one have a great school year.

Thanks, Mr Mac

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Well May is almost over and so is the school year. June will bring an end to the school year but the beginning of something new and exciting for next school year and that is High School. Citizenship 9 students will be completing a unit on civic volunteerism as well as learning about the political parties in Canada. Students in Grade 8 Social Studies will be learning about the United Nations and how that organization helps with getting countries to work together through talking. Students in Grade 7 Social Studies will be learning about WW2 causes and effect. Last but not least students in Grade 7 Heath will be learning about gaming addiction.

Have a safe and happy summer.
Mr Mac

 Well April is over and now it is May. Let s say hello to those nice sunny days in May and wash away those winter blues.  April was a very productive month in both Social Studies 7 and 8 classes. Students have been working on their Rights of Spring project. The project revolves around the Shubenacadie River and its surrounding area. The project was broken into six modules and includes mapping, wildlife and eco systems, language, research, and lastly bridging over to a land based activity and fish count at the Shubenacadie River. Grade 9 Citizenship students are currently learning about finance and how it ties in with being a good member of society.  Last but not least, Grade 7 Heath students have been exploring healthy eating as well as learning about the food eaten by their ancestors.
Well that’s it for me!  Cheers!  Mr. Mac

April showers bring Mayflowers.  Wow, hard to believe another month has come and gone, and now we are about to get April on its way.  Students in grade 7 and 8 Social Studies have been working on a project where they are creating a new country.  Once finished, they will convince me why their country is the best. However, no country will be better than the other.  Students in grade 9 Citizenship are learning about genocide.  They are working on an assignment comparing modern day genocide to genocide of the native people in North America.  Students in grade 7 Health are looking at drugs and how they affect the brain, plus other addictions such as gambling and video games.

Happy Easter!

Spring is on its way. Yippy. February has been a busy month for the students:
outdoors learning, a field trip and a famous guest speaker. With all of this going
on students have also had their regular work to do. In grade 7 Health students
have been mapping the brain and getting ready to use what they found to
connect to what part of the brain drugs affect. Grade 7 and 8 Social Studies
students have been learning about colonization from first contact to The War of
1812 and next they will be learning how all these events lead to the beginning of
Canada’s shameful acts towards its First People. Grade 9 Citizen students have
learned about old money, new money and no money. Society turning its back on
the most vulnerable people both domestically as well as on the world stage.

Well that’s it for me.
Mr. Mac
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Chronic Absence - 18 or more days
Warning Signs - 10 to 17 days
Satisfactory - 9 or fewer days

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