Grade 7

Hello students and parents!

September is over and we have been back at school for a few weeks. In that time we have jumped into work in grade 7-8-9 and are having fun with our learning already. In grade 7 we have used individual cereal bars to look at mixtures and in grade 8 and 9 we have used individual cakes with candies to represent plant and animal cells. Science is FUN! In grade 7 English we are reading a novel called Not Cancelled and it is full of stories of things that are positive throughout the Covid 19 Pandemic. Students are generating great conversations. Just a reminder to students and parents – all of the assignments from Grades 7-9 Science as well as Grade 7 English and Health are posted in students google classrooms so they can access any work that has been missed. I'm excited to keep on learning and having engaging discussions in grades 7-9! 

Ms. Hilchey

Hello everyone!!!

Welcome back to the 2020-2021 School year at LSK. I know that everything will look different this year, but all of the teachers and staff at LSK are excited to see students faces. I am the grade 7 homeroom teacher again this year, teaching them English, Health, and Science. I will be teaching Grade 8 and 9 Science as well. I'm looking forward to getting back to routine and back to teaching. Myself, the grade 8 homeroom and grade 9 homeroom teacher will be creating an introduction video and posting it soon! I hope all the students are excited to come back and begin the new year of learning. See you all soon!

Erika Hilchey

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Hello everyone!

We are weeks into our digital learning and after some tweaks I think we finally have it! Between uploading assignments, group and individual video chats and phone calls, I think I've made contact with almost every student in grades 7-9. We finished up or Novel studies and moved onto some work about current events and specifically Covid 19. I received some great writing pieces about what students have been doing, how they are spending their time, and what they think about digital learning. Many of the students have said they miss the classroom – and so do I! I hope everyone is staying safe and looking forward to when we can see each other in person again. Feel free to reach out for help with assignments or just to chat! 

Ms. Hilchey

PDF icon English Outcomes for grades 7-943.81 KB

Outcomes to be covered while working digitally for grades 7-9.

Learners will analyse the causes and outcomes of conflict and cooperation in Canada.

What causes people to be in conflict with each other?
How can conflict be non violent
How can there still be tension in peace?
What are the potential responses to a peaceful resolution?

Learners will analyse the causes and outcomes of global conflict, and peace.

What causes people to be in conflict with each other?
How can conflict be non violent?
How can we prevent conflicts from escalating to national, international or global levels?
What motivates people to cooperate?
How can there still be tension in peace?
What are the potential responses to peaceful resolution?
Who gets called the hero or the enemy?

Demonstrate that you are comfortable with who you are.  This should help with health, relationships and interactions with the world.

A LifeWork Portfolio is something you create.  It is a binder with information about you. for example: family, pets, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, future plans etc.

Working in groups, following oral and written instructions, creating healthy food dishes.

PDF icon Grade 7 Math Outcomes48.36 KB

Grade 7 Math Outcomes to be covered from April to June, 2020.

Our new teaching reality takes us out of the classroom.

But can’t take the students out of our thoughts.

We miss you!


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