Grade 6

The grade six class has been busy decorating and organizing our learning space. The grade six students felt they would feel more engaged in their classroom environment if they had a say in setting it up. The students discussed, planned and cooperated  together to create their vision. The grade six students have  been doing a lot of team building activities designed to help them learn to see themselves as a team and work together to solve problems. They also tend to be a lot of fun so there is lots of laughter and smiles. Grade six has been reviewing and sharpening  skills and strategies.  The end of this month brings our field trip to Noggins farm and our acknowledging of Truth and Reconciliation day with guests from Shubenacadie School. With such a small class we look forward to exploring the opportunities that a small class can

Hello.  I am very pleased to say that I am the grade 6 teacher.  A big change from grade one, but I am excited and the learning opportunities with an older, more independent class.  We will be establishing class rules and expectations and perfecting our school day routines in September.  Happily, meals are now back to be served in the cafeteria and the kids can socialize in groups again outside.  Norma Jean Paul is the class Educational Assistant.  I usually create a Facebook group of class parents to share information, pictures and events.  I like to send positive messages and pictures home regularly so parent please let me know your preferred way to communicate.  It’s going to be a great year!!

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All students will be evaluated and assessed on their virtual learning and attendance will be taken by the teacher.  All students are expected to attend class virtually.   See schedule below for student’s meeting schedule times.  

Learning Center, Resource, Speech & Language, OT, LLI teachers will contact their students/parents to provide additional supports for their students. 

It has been a short month and yet filled to the top! Then it flew by making us wonder...where did it go?

Please encourage your child to read. From grade primary to three we learn to read from then on, we read to learn. Fifteen minutes can make a significant difference over time. This term students will be encouraged to experience different writing genres, nonfiction, biographies/autobiographies, science fiction/fantasy and mysteries. They will be encouraged to read in a subject area they made not have tried before. Keep encouraging them to try! 

They may find their favourite reading genre.

In Math we have been working on division and decimals. Some students are working independently and with different expectations. The month in Math went slower than planned. 

We enjoyed the week before the March Break by taking part in a variety of activities, creating our leather crafted items. Thanks to Brenda for sharing materials and the ideas. Thanks also for the help assembling them. Thanks to Norma for the preparation work as well. We have begun our paintings on canvass of the Medicine wheels. I am having those displayed in the cabinets by the gymnasium before they are sent home. Some are still painting. We also enjoyed the Minute to Win it Day. The -walk- the -trail -day was a great opportunity to be outside absorbing Vitamin D!!

In Social Studies we are discussing the Acadians. We will learn about the areas where they have settled and how changes came about because of influences in Europe. We will also discuss how their arrival affected the lives of Native people.

In Health we will be discussing local foods. Our next topic will be about sleep and our bodies, what they need to be healthy and how they change. 

The students have been working on their science fair projects-volcanoes, sinkholes, floating flowers, slime, bouncing eggs, sap collecting and tasting, a mechanical hand, and growing potatoes. The work has been ongoing for the past month. Some are also finishing their slide presentations on the Solar System. I hope you saw their finished models. They did an excellent job.

Writing is a major expectation in all areas of the curriculum in Garde 6. Some come to it easily others have more of a struggle. We have been working on the foundations.

In Mi'Kmaq the children have been learning about setting snares and gathering sap! 

Art has been all about paint and mixing the primary colours to create our own shades. We have experimented with black back grounds, rocks and finally a canvass.

The Grade 6 class has had a very busy month. 

The students went out rabbit snaring and thanks to the Creator...they caught a rabbit!! How wonderful to learn from the Elders, at this school, the value of taking care of ourselves and providing food for each other. I wish to thank those involved with all aspects of this program from the trapping to the cleaning to the cooking and cleaning up. In these most challenging times, it is important for us to look to the world around us and learn how it provides for us. To be able to walk in the woods and be a part of the natural world is a gift. I thank Mr. Marr and the children for letting me tag along. It brought back wonderful memories of my own childhood trapping with my Dad!

We have been researching the Solar System in Science. The children have created a 3-D representation of the Solar System on a cardboard backing. It will be coming home soon. Please praise them for their perseverance!!! They were not allowed different colours of paint. Instead, they were challenged to mix the 4 primary colours and create the colour they needed. They are completing the assignment by making a PowerPoint presentation. They are working diligently to complete the sides. 

How amazing that at this time a robot by the name of PERSERVERANCE has landed on the Mars. We watched the video clip of this on you tube and read the interview with the Canadian Female scientist helping program Perseverance for his Mars' walk!!! she was born in Quebec. Her parents were immigrants to Canada.

Art has been focused on painting this term. We have painted the Solar System model and a heart shaped rock. We are now drawing a sunflower on black construction paper with a white coloured pencil. Then we shall try to follow the directions as shown on a you tube presentation. We will explore one other method of painting a sunflower. My greatest moment of success was when a student asked if they could mix the paints!!! After reminding the children that they could only use 4 colours ...repeatedly. It was the moment when I felt the children had finally understood the value of mixing colours to their own specifications, as an artist. My WOW moment

We are preparing for the Science Fair which is in March. That month will go too quickly. Please encourage your child to think of a topic. I am helping gather the necessary materials.

We finished our reading assessments for this term. In class we read for 15 minutes daily. From grade P-3 we learn to read from 3 on we read to learn. Keep encouraging your children to read at home. Practice and Perservance!

We have discussed several topics surrounding Black History Month. We watched a clip on the continent of Africa. We discussed slavery and the Underground Railway. We talked about different Canadian communities especially Birchtown and Africville, here in NS. Our last two weeks will be focused on people who have left a mark left an impact on our province, our world. I am thinking of Tiger Woods as I write this and send out prayers for his recovery. He left a major impact on the sport of golf! 

In Health, we have been looking at the foods we eat and the nutrition good food provides for our bodies. This week we will look at the labels on foods and see if we can determine which foods have the best to offer nutritionally.

Math has kept us busy this month. We have worked in partners each day with flash cards and it is wonderful to share with you that the team work has strengthened the skills. We are beginning division next week. We have been exploring decimals. We have used decks of cards to create numbers and in some games, we use the dice to decide where the decimal goes. The trick is to be able to read the number! We will continue to practice. Each student is working at their own level. That keeps me hopping!!!

We are working in the traditional way and with the Chromebooks. That has been a learning curve for me and I appreciate the help the students give me when I am lost in cyberspace. Thankfully that is less each day! Malaki is my HERO! All the children are way better than I am!

You should be very proud of your children they have worked hard. I am extremely proud of their efforts. Each day out creates its own challenges when we return to class. The pandemic is always at the back of our minds as well. Staying calm and breathing deeply is sometimes the very best thing we can do. Your children are treating each other kindly. They are offering support to each other and taking great care of their environment (the Classroom). Our Caretaker has complimented us several times. Well Done Grade 6. 

May each of you at home Be Safe and Stay Well.

As Ever
Ms. O

I am excited to be back with the Grade 6 class. We have found a groove. The students are working hard and are settling into a routine. I am grateful for their patience and kindness, towards me and with each other. 

Our goal is --In a world where you can grow up to be anything---be KIND . I am not sure of the origin of the quote.

It has taken me a bit to adjust to the learning styles and abilities of each child. As we go along things will follow a routine. That always makes a difference!

This week was too exciting. Hayven caught her first rabbit. How wonderful...exciting and a bit overwhelming at the same time. They had the opportunity to watch it being dressed and fortunate enough to share in the tasting/eating of rabbit stew. 

The whole experience took me back to my childhood. I was reminded of days of checking snares with my Dad.

Mrs. Howe reminded the students that simply tasting the stew was a way to thank the Creator for the blessings we were given. So I would like to give thanks for those who set this program in motion, Mr. Marr for letting me tag along and simply enjoy the process, (as I pray for my own snare to catch a rabbit.), for the instruction on the dressing of the rabbit and for the food and those hands that prepared it.

January is gone already. February on the horizon. I suppose that means a party of some sort. It will certainly be  a low key affair at Grade 6. We will discuss options as a class. Food is welcome ...if it follows the schools protocols. Thank you in advance for your offerings.

My thoughts and prayers are with Miss Helena. Know we miss you and wish you WELL!

Thank you for this time with your children!!

Be well. Stay safe

As ever Ms.O

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Ms. O is My Name. Substituting is My Game

It is difficult to believe that I am in my 9 th year of substituting at Indian Brook.
When I arrived for my fist day I ended up in grade 12. I had NEVER been in front of
a Grade 12 class before!! Things must have gone well, for I can now say I have
been in every class in the entire school, except for Library!!! (Miss Sharon is a
WISE lady!) For me it has been the biggest blessing ever and a realization that in
teaching I find my JOY.

It is exciting to be someone different in a different part of the school. It is a
challenge to make one teacher’s plan work...even if I must head to the next
classroom for support with the computer or Math (in the upper grades). The staff
and the children have taught me so much. They have been open, kind and good
natured. For their support I am truly grateful.

As with everyone, this fall has been most stressful. At first I debated my return as
a sub. I am glad I decided to try. The most difficult part is not being able to hug
your children. They are so warm and loving. I am never sure who needs the hug
more –them or ME. When they say Good Morning on the way into the building, it
lights up the day.

This past two weeks I have been with the Grade 6 class. I have watched them
grow since preschool and primary. Being with them has been a thrill and then a
disappointment as we all went home with Chrome books last week. I was will I manage this one?

Learning to use Google Classroom has been exciting I have loved designing and
preparing the work. I think these are areas I miss from full time teaching. The
challenge has been to ensure everyone is finding the assignments, attempting
them and sending /posting the completed tasks to me. The most difficult piece to
date has been showing up at the meeting (well I am there but then aliens take
over!!)- being on the site twice...getting lost in cyberspace... trying to find myself
and returning to the meeting before it ends!!! My next hurtle is to do my
presentation and have the children see the work on my presentation. I was close

this morning. Though my close felt like Mars in cyberspace time!!! I am fortunate
that the children can find things faster than I can.

The good news is the children have found assignments developed. I have enjoyed
responding to their work and returning it to them. This is so much faster than
daily tasks we do at school.

Parents who are with their children have been a great support to their child and
to me. It is delightful to watch as you find things on the site together. I am not
connected to families much, and this gives me an opportunity to meet you.
Remind your Grade 6 students that we meet daily at 11. I shall be at the meeting
by 10:30 in case you or your child wishes to ask me questions which I pray I can
answer!! If I can’t I will find someone to help.

Thank you Kelly Oliver for being encouraging and supportive. Thanks to you the
parents and children for your patience and persistence. Thanks Mr. Marr and
Norma for holding the fort while I space travel!!!

To the staff of LSK- You are my HEROES you walk the halls and corridors of time
and space. I am privileged to work with each of you.

Have a wonderful Christmas Break. Be safe and Stay well.

Hello November! Halloween is over and we are getting prepared for Remembrance Day and Christmas. The grade sizes have been becoming situated with the "new normal" by sanitizing and wearing masks. Covid has been a tough transition but we are beating it! The grade sixes have been looking at immigration and the circumstances of their immigration. In Science, we are exploring Diversity of Life. This allows us to discover biology and the animal kingdom. In Math, we are working on patterning and function tables. In Health, we are learning about healthy nutrition and hygiene. We've had a busy month and we are looking forward to more busy days!


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