Grade 6

Hi Parents and Guardians! The Grade Six class had a busy month. Greg Marr has had them collecting sap and making maple syrup for Mi’kmaq class. Everyone got to take some syrup home with him or her and we had a fantastic pancake feast. We had another exciting time with Digital Mi’kmaq and we learned about 3D animation and 3D printing. We had a presentation on compost and got to take part in a decorate-your-own green lid. We had some amazing entries. Grade six is also still taking part in Fish Friends. Fish Friends allows us to have trout in our classroom and we get to watch them grow from eggs into baby trout. Thank you, from the Grade Six class

Happy April Parent and Staff! The grade sixes have been working on Science Fair since February and the Science Fair is almost here! We have some awesome projects dealing with the environment, chemistry, math, and so much more. Our classroom fish eggs have hatched! They are not swimming yet but have their heads in the rocks and their tails are wagging. This is a good sign that they will be swimming around soon. We will be placing these fish in our brook in June. Greg Marr has been taking the grade sixes outside for Mi’kmaq Class and they have learned how to tap maple trees. We will be doing more outdoor education since the weather is getting better. Have a great April!

Hello Parents and Guardians, February just flew by! The Grade Six class were able to take part in a spirit name ceremony hosted by community Elder, Joe Francis. They were able to learn what goes into a naming ceremony and the traditions behind it. Elder Becky Julian also came into our classroom and read the book “I am not a Number” about a residential school survivor’s story. Becky also told us about some of her experiences at the Shubenacadie Residential School. We appreciated this very much! Thank you Ms Becky! The grade sixes have been busy getting science fair projects picked and we will be doing our experiments in the next few weeks. The grade six classroom is currently working alongside Fish Friends and is the home of a fish tank full of trout eggs. Once they are hatched, we will be placing them in the brook down the Brown Flats. We get to watch them hatch and Fish Friends will be out to do lessons with the class on the life cycle of fish. 

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When do absences become a problem?

Chronic Absence - 18 or more days
Warning Signs - 10 to 18 days
Satisfactory - 9 or fewer absences


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