Grade 5

Grade 5’s have been busy focusing on Science Fair projects and preparations. Science Fair is on Wednesday, April 3rd; please feel free to have a look at the projects done by the students. They have been working hard on them for a month or so. We will like to wish the Grades 4-9 good luck and we hope you learned more about the Scientific Method. 

We will jump right into our Human Body unit for science and also learn about healthy eating & healthy self for Health. In Math, we will be diving back into division. Dividing three digits by 1 digit & Problem Solving. We finished up our book study on ‘Shiloh’ and watched the movie. We compared and contrast them both and also had some debates on animal crudely.  

Grades 4-9 are looking forward to Mi’kmaq Digital on April 4th.  It’s always great day learning about coding. The students are very knowledgeable and really interested in coding.

We would like to wish everyone best of luck at the annual Peter & Mary Agnes Memorial Hockey Tournament, which is taken part on the first weekend of April. Let’s go Shubie, Shubie Let’s go!

We will also like to wish everyone a Happy Easter!

Grade 5’s using technology to learn about the human body!

K’we from grade five. March is a short and busy month. March 1st the students in Gr.4-6 will be going to Get Air, which we know they students will enjoy, Thanks Mr. Brooks!

We are also excited for Winter Carnival, which will take place during March 11th-15th, the themes and activities for the week will be sent home next week. March Break is during the week of 18th- 22nd. March also that means report cards are just around the corner. I hope to see all parents/guardians for parent teacher meetings.  We have been writing and receiving letters from our pen pals. We are pen pals with Ms. Gloade’s grade 5/6 class in New Glasgow. We now use emails, as this is the fastest way to reply.  In Science, we will be busy doing researching and preforming experiments. As we prepare for the annual Science Fair. So if you haven’t sent in a science fair tri fold board yet, please do so.

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