Grade 4

Kwe from Grade 4,

Wow, it's the final month of 2020. This first term went by quickly. The grade 4's finished reading the book, Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing. In Science, students have finished their animal Habitat and research project on google slides. In Math, we were working on patterns, telling time. In Health, healthy relationships, healthy self and Growth mindset.  

LSK honoured our Veterans for Remembrance Day differently this year.  Our annual Remembrance Day ceremony was presented over the PA system, with Kennedy reciting the Sma'knis poem for the school. Way to go, Kennedy, you did a great job! Shouts outs to the planning committee. It was a successful event. LSK Students participated in the LSK Remembrance Day poster contest. Tomas won third place for his poster and received $20.00. Congratulations Tomas, You're quite the artist! We made Poppy wreaths and visited our Veteran's cenotaph to find our family members names. We than placed our poppy wreaths on our Veteran's gravesites to honour them.  

Sadly, COVID-19 has us home for online-learning. We will be signing into Google meet daily at 1:00pm. Our main websites will be at google classroom, IXL, Dreamscape, Squiggle Park, Splash Learn and Epic.

Birthday wishes go out to Liberty, who celebrated her birthday on November 27th. Happy Birthday Liberty, we hope you enjoyed your special day. We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas And Happy New Year, Wli Nipi-Alasutma Aqq Pusu'l Punane'ne! 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on my cell 902 751-0783 or email

Yours truly,
Ms. Stephens

Pumpkin Carvers

Students in grade four showing their support and respect for our Mi'kmaq Treaty Rights with drawing and creating wampum belts.

Kwe' From Grade 4's

The grade 4's are doing great with remembering their email addresses and passwords for their Gmail accounts. They know how to navigate to google classroom to find their assignments as well. October was Mi'kmaq History Month. Our class learned about the Residential School System and the impact it has had on Indigenous communities for over a century - an impact recognized as a cultural genocide, and an impact that still continues today. We honoured Residential School Survivors, Phyliss Webstad, Magit Poulette, all Survivors and also the ones that did not survive.

We designed our own orange shirts and we re-created a Magit's Doll. Thank you for showing us courage by sharing your stories with the world. We also learned about our Treaty Rights and what it means when we hear the phrase, "We Are All Treaty People."  We created our own Peace and Friendship Treaty for our classroom, made wampum belts and we made posters that supported the Treaties of 1752, 1760 and 1761 and also for our fishermen/fisherwomen exercising our Treaty Rights in Digby. 

We will continue to learn about the Seven Sacred Teachings throughout the school year. Living by these teachings helps us to live with balance and harmony. We attended a virtual Seven Sacred teachings puppet show held by Halifax Regional Library.  We also painted a bear that represents courage, one of the Seven Sacred teaching. By the end of the year students will have painted all seven teaching as a reminder to live by these teachings

We are still practicing Growth Mindset since September. It takes a lot of practice to master the Growth Mindset. We must always think positively. Thinking and being positive can go a long way. Failure is learning. We must train our brains to look at mistakes and failure as growth... "I can do better" or "Next time I will do better." 

November will surely be another great month of learning. On November 23rd report cards will be sent home. Remembrance Day is quickly approaching. We will participate in the Remembrance Day Poster Contest. We will acknowledge and remember our brave Sma'knisk (Warriors/Soldiers) that fought for our freedom and will be thankful for their service.

Grade 4's would like to wish Brenda and Leela a Happy belated Birthday as they celebrated their birthdays in October. 

Ms. Stephens

The grade 4's had a great start to a great school year. They are settling in well with our new school rules & procedures. We celebrated Nitap day on September 22nd. We had great discussions about Friends, healthy friendships and unhealthy friendships. Students were asked to write an Ad for a Friend, they had to consider the characteristics of a good friend and list characteristics they valued in a friend. We also made friendship bracelets. 

October is Mi'kmaq History Month. We will start the month off with Treaty Education. We are studying the following topics: We are reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing for ELA and we are working on the writing process. Science: We are exploring a variety of natural habits. Math: Numbers to 10 000 (reading, writing and representing large numbers) Health: Stress and anxiety management. Social Studies: Treaty Education. Art: The Element of line. Technology:  We will be using laptops/Chromebook to learn about basic skills like, how to check and send an email, signing into our google classroom and apps that we will be using. Most importantly, how to stay safe online. 


Welcome back everyone. I hope you all enjoyed your summer break and are eager to be back in school. This school year will look different from previous years. Teachers and staff at LSK have been working very hard making our school a safe environment to be in. We have new rules & procedures to follow to ensure our safety. Everyone must be wearing a mask on the bus, hallways and in the classroom if social distance can't be achieved. When entering the school, everyone will have their temperatures checked and will need to sanitize their hands then proceed straight to your classroom by following the red directional arrows. Breakfast and lunch will be served in our classroom this year and also our specialty classes like PE, Music and Mi'kmaq will be held in our classroom. We will be incorporating outdoor education whenever possible.

Every student will be getting a chrome book and we will be making technology and digital learning a top priority in the first few weeks so we can get acquainted and comfortable using the new device in the event school is switched back to online learning. We all know change can be hard but we are in this together and we will get through this. Everyone at LSK is committed to providing a safe and fun learning environment for all. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the school 902 758-1229 or email 

See you soon,
Ms. Stephens
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Wow, that was a third term like no other. The year 2020 will be a memorable one for sure. I want to give a big shout to my students and parents during all of this for trying their best to learn under these circumstances. I am very proud of the grade 4’s for showing commitment to their work and their dedication to being lifelong learners and taking on this challenge. 

I would like to wish our LSK grad’s a big Congratulations. You made your community proud. Best wishes to you all! 

Have a safe and adventurous summer!!
Ms. Tabetha Stephens

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