Grade 4

A huge congratulations to the grade 4 students, who did a fantastic job creating and presenting their science fair projects. All the students were winners. Job well done! 


 Happy Spring to all! Grade 4’s are looking forward to the warmer weather. We plan to take a lot of our lessons outside in our natural and local environment. In science we are learning about habitats and ecosystems and will be learning this through integrating the traditional teachings of Netukulimk. The grade 4’s are at the end of “Parts of Speech” unit and anxious about starting our book study on the novel “Wonder”. We are preparing to send out our second letters to our pen pals at George Saunders Memorial School. The children at GSMS were so excited to receive the letters from the Grade 4 class and send their greetings to us all. 

Nulmultes Ap! 


The month of February has come and gone, here we are once again. March is going to be a busy month. The grade 4 class is working hard and is excited to get a new project started. Mi’kmawey Green Communities Program will be coming in our class, to introduce a pilot program called vermicomposting; composting with red worms.  Students will be learning about the process of composting and the importance in maintaining an environmentally friendly community. MGCP couldn’t have come at a better time, as the students are learning about “how we interact with our environments” using the concept of Netukulimk. That being said we are eager to allow Apujnajit to pass and welcome spring. 

Until next time,
Ms. Denny & Grade 4’s 

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Satisfactory - 9 or fewer days

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