Grade 3

Hello All, 

We have had a busy and wonderful return to school since we came back on September 21st. Grade 3s are so happy to be back among friends. LSK staff was so thrilled to welcome each and every one of them back with cheers and applause as they walked through the doors that first day. 

Thus far, we have been getting reacquainted with the space and setting up expectations and routines for our classroom. We have been reviewing concepts from last year and enjoying some good discussions about different read alouds we have been doing. 

One aspect we are deeply focused on right now is the treaty rights of the Mi’kmaq people. These inherent rights are of top priority right now, more than ever, given the circumstances of our Mi’kmaq fishermen and women. We approach this subject using some key terms such as friendship, agreement, respect, promise, and rights. This week we will be setting up our own Classroom Treaty Expectations. To me, our class is like family so it is only right that we all come up with positive expectations for how we should all conduct ourselves among our school family. We must all agree to it and we all sign off on it; we are all accountable.

I urge each and every one of our Grade 3 parents/guardians to contact me any time they wish. I feel that easy and open lines of communication is the best way we can ensure the success of our kiddos. I will be sending a handout with some info on our upcoming year including my contact info as well. Wela’lioq! 

Over and Out

Hello All, 

I hope everyone had a great March/summer break! All kidding aside, I know this has been a challenging year so far and while there will continue to be challenges it's important to remember that we are all in this together. We are all weathering the same storm but we may not be in the same boat. With that being said, I encourage all parents/guardians to be confident in our dedication as teachers to ensure the success of your children. I cannot wait to get them back in school and see their sweet faces. This will be a different year but we will do our best to make sure kids are safe, secure and happy while they learn. 
Much of the beginning of this year will be getting students reacquainted with the space and routines of school again. In order for kids to learn they need to feel comfortable in their learning environment. We are all doing our best to design our classrooms so that they will be both comfortable and safe for our kiddos. I would also encourage parents/guardians to check out the video produced for LSK about procedures for back to school and to read any documents outlining expectations (mask wearing, symptom checklist, lunches, etc.). Grade 3s are to wear masks on the bus and common areas in the school but not in their classroom, as that is considered our bubble. 
I look forward to being in communication with all of you and please feel free to reach out to me in whatever way is most convenient for you (facebook messenger, text, call, email). Keep an eye out for my letter soon. 
Over and Out
Hello all, 
I hope everyone is doing well. We are on the homestretch of online learning and I thank everyone who has done their best to help educate and nurture their kids in so many ways. I just wanted to give a shout out to all the parents that have worked so hard to ensure that their kids have been healthy in mind, body and spirit. These are not easy times. I would like to congratulate all those moving on to their next grade, I cannot wait to see you all in September (fingers crossed). 
I would like to wish a special congratulations to all of our 2020 graduates. You are graduating during one of the most unprecedented times in our history. Don't let circumstances hinder your opportunities. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Have a great summer everyone!
Over and Out

Great job class... we have 399 books read so far. Who will read one more book to get our 400 book badge?

Ms. Stephens

100th Day of School celebrations!  100 snacks, 100 activities!! Some creative kids even built a "campfire" using their red Swedish berries, pretzel sticks and mini marshmallows.  They waited and wait through and their mallows still didn't roast.  Ha! Ha!

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone is staying warm with these crazy cold temperatures. The grade 3s have been working on many things this month including writing a narrative using the steps of the writing process. They have been really enjoying being creative and coming up with their setting, characters and problems and of course how their main character learned his/her lesson. 
Students have been enjoying learning about the Acadians for Social Studies. Soon, we will be making our mini braided rugs using the colors of the Acadian flag. Ask your child what they know about the Acadians, you may learn a thing or two. 
P-3 had a great time on our trip to the Discovery Centre. They had fun exploring all of the displays and interactive activities. They were amazed by the robotic arm that could solve a Rubix Cube. Students were very well behaved and the staff of the Discovery Centre was very impressed. 
We are looking forward to our upcoming Valentine's Day party. Students are welcome to bring in goodies but are reminded that items must be peanut free. Our class list will be forwarded along for those who would like to fill out Valentines for their friends. That's all for now!
Over and Out
Happy New Year to everyone! I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday. It was much needed. The kids came back rejuvenated and ready to learn. A reminder to parents and guardians to check the weather regularly to ensure kiddos are dressed with proper winter wear to stay warm while they play. 
In literacy, grade 3s have finished exploring  procedural text and are moving onto graphic novel narratives. Students have prior knowledge of standard narratives so are excited to experience this new genre. Students will be reading a variety and also creating their own. 
We have also begun our unit on the Acadians  and students are looking forward to learning about their culture and the many parallels and relationships to the Mi'kmaq. We will be doing some fun craft activities and some exploration through texts and videos. 

That's all for now! Over and out!


Hello all! I hope everyone is well and prepped for the winter season approaching! Bundle up those kiddos. We are counting down the days until Christmas vacation but that is not stopping us from getting all of our work done. We are approaching the end of the term so students are busy each day with Catch Up and Mustard! Catch Up is where they are finishing up any incomplete work and Mustard is where they get to do some education centres or work on their word work packs. Students are also busy getting their learning collections organized so that they can show their parents/guardians what they have been working on all term. 

Students are excited to go shopping for their families at the Christmas bizarre, which will be coming up soon. Volunteers have bought some amazing gifts for the kids to "shop" for. I would like to take the opportunity to thank those who sent in donations toward this awesome event. Students are also busy practicing for Christmas concert, which will be coming up on December 17th. 

Grade 3s will be doing a Secret Santa exchange in the first or second week of December. Expect a note home about this soon. Gift price maximum cost will be $5 to make it fair for everyone to get equal value gifts. 

Over and Out!


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