Grade 3

Grade Three has been off to a great start this year. We have been learning all about having a growth mindset, invisible forces, numbers to 1000 and have been practising our writing. Recently we went on a class field trip which was great fun! With Thanksgiving and Halloween coming up, students can look forward to lots of fun and educational activities ahead in October. Also, a reminder to all parents, please feel free to email me anytime with any questions you may have at!

Welcome back everyone!

Hey everyone!  My name is Ms. Desiree Gillis and I am so excited to say I am the Grade 3 Teacher at LSK this year.  I cannot wait to meet all of the Grade 3 students and hope we can make this year the best one yet.  We will learn a lot, and have a lot of fun!  I look forward to meeting you all soon.  For Grade 3 parents, if any of you would like to contact me, I can be reached at

Attached is the PDF copy of the school supply list for grade three!!  See you in September!!
Mrs. Danielle Gloade

Quilt exchange from Halifax Grammara School's grade 3 class.  Beautiful!!

Hello All,

June already! I can hardly believe it. It has definitely been quite a year, full of ups and downs but with that we have all shown adaptability and resilience. I would first of all like to thank the parents of our kids for being so supportive whenever we had to transition to online learning. Your dedication to your kids is phenomenal and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would also like to say how excited I am to be resuming in person learning within our classrooms at LSK. I have made it my goal to do regular testing in order to put parents' minds at ease, as I am a teacher who travels from Halifax where there are still many cases. I have also had my first round of vaccinations thanks to our beautiful community and health centre. I would also like to congratulate the 2021 grads on their upcoming graduation. You have made us all so proud and have powered through a difficult and unpredictable year. You deserve all the best and I wish it for you. Many of you are students I taught when I first started here back in 2012. With that being said, I would also like to let you all know that this has been my final year teaching at LSK. Damien and I are both originally from Cape Breton and the island has been calling us back home; we will be moving back there this summer. This has not been an easy decision for me as I love my job and my students and work family. But, we have so much of our family in Cape Breton and with the last year being the way it has, we wish to be closer to them. I will miss you all dearly and I am honoured to have worked with such an amazing group of people here at LSK. I have learned so much and gained great friends in staff, community members and parents. Wela'lioq aqq Kesalul 

Over and Out
Ms. Ambrah 

Well, here we are folks! Back to virtual learning. I must say I am very pleased with the turnouts at class and the participation. Seesaw is our main platform for doing work and submitting it for evaluation. All login info for seesaw and our other apps have been emailed to both grown ups and students. If you need help at any time, please let me know, I am always happy to help!

During these hard times, it's important for our kids to have consistency especially when it comes to their education. What is also important is getting outside when we can, having open conversations about how we are feeling and doing things that bring us joy. I give a huge shout out to parents and guardians at home helping their kids get work done and logged in each day. I cannot even express how much I appreciate you and your efforts. If I had trophies I would do contactless delivery to each and every one of you. 

Again, if you need any support at all, reach out to me. We are all in this together!

Over and Out!
Ms. Ambrah

PDF icon Schedule for April 27 - May45.7 KB

All students will be evaluated and assessed on their virtual learning and attendance will be taken by the teacher.  All students are expected to attend class virtually.   See schedule below for student’s meeting schedule times.  

Learning Center, Resource, Speech & Language, OT, LLI teachers will contact their students/parents to provide additional supports for their students. 

Some activities in March.

Spring has sprung! We are loving the nice weather that has come our way lately. Students have been working hard on various assessments and activities for our end of term. Look for report cards in the coming week or two. Teachers will be reaching out to guardians and parents to schedule times to have parent teacher conversations over the phone. Students really enjoyed our carnival week activities before March break. It was different than our usual, due to covid restrictions but we made the most of it. Students enjoyed making many crafts and art projects. They also had a ball playing minute-to-win-it games in the classroom and the candy rewards ;) We also went for a walk through the cultural trail. They were so proud that this beautiful trail was being created in their own backyard. It will be a great asset to the community. Over and Out!


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