Grade 3

Greetings! We cannot believe that we are into our third term already! The Grade 3s have been working hard since returning from March break. They also had a great week of carnival activities leading up to the break. We had a great time at the Rath Centre swimming and watching hockey. We also had a lot of laughs during the Lego Movie... and a lot of popcorn. :)

 Grade 3s had a great experience at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. They really enjoyed seeing the Maud Lewis exhibit and were amazed that they managed to fit Maud Lewis' real, little house inside the gallery. They also enjoyed seeing their favourite Maudie pieces as well as some paintings they had never seen. The students were inspired by the Mi'kmaq Art exhibit by Jordan Bennett. We really loved how he blended traditional with modern. He also used amazingly bright colours. 

We are looking forward to Spring. Soon, we will be starting our units in Soil and Plant Growth so we will be starting some seedlings in our classroom. We hope to grow a variety, from medicines to food. This will connect nicely with our discussions about Netukulimk and sustainability. Our young people are passionate about Wskitqumu, our Mother Earth, so it's important that they learn about their role and responsibilities to keep her healthy. Anyone that has a green thumb and knowledge about gardening is welcome to come help.  Over and Out!

Greetings from Grade 3! I trust everyone is looking forward to carnival week followed by March break! You can feel it in the air. 

In between snow days, students have been very busy in class. We have been making lots of connections with the texts we are covering in Literacy, especially with traditional legends and the Seven Sacred Teachings. Students are currently writing their own legend with regard to gifts animals have received from Kisu'lk in order to help them survive. This has inspired lots of conversations about nature, biology and about traditional ways. 

Students enjoyed learning about Maud Lewis and were really drawn to her style of painting. We talked about the many themes we noticed in her pieces and then the students created their own Maudie inspired paintings. They were really interested in her life story as well; her perseverance through many physical and social challenges.

Grade 3s has been studying the various cultures that exist in Atlantic Canada and we have transitioned

from early Mi'kmaq to the Acadians. We are also learning about African Nova Scotians and their important role in shaping this side of the country. It's really interesting to see all the connections and parallels drawn between many people's experiences in early Atlantic Canada. 

Happy Birthday to Brody!!

That's it for Grade 3,
Over and Out!

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Satisfactory - 9 or fewer days

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