Grade 2

March was a fun filled month that was full of learning experiences that were engaging and enjoyable. Covid-19 has forced us to change the way we do a lot of things however, LSK was still able to create a winter carnival for the students to enjoy. Again, it was different from the winter carnivals we’ve had in the past but students were still able to be entertained with arts and crafts, a movie day, a game day and outdoor activities. Having the walking trails so close to the school is amazing and I can’t wait to explore them with the students more as the weather starts to warm up. In ELA, students continued their exploration of non-fictional texts. Students used their experiences with non-fiction to improve their reading and writing skills. In math, students expanded their knowledge of 3-D shapes as we classified them and compared them to 2-D shapes. Students also created 3-D shapes using toothpicks and play-doh. Students were also introduced to double digit addition this month. In science, students investigated the three states of matter where they completed a science experiment in which they had to test a variety of different solids to see if they would dissolve in water. March was a great month, full exploration and excitement.

As we move into April, students will continue to studying non-fictional texts. Students will also be introduced to double digit subtraction. During our exploration unit, students will be introduced to what a consumer is and how consumers decisions are influenced. Easter, falls in the month of April so we’ll use the theme as inspiration for an art - based activity. March was a great month here in grade 2 and I know that April will be just as great.

As we continued to move forward into 2021 and are now at the end of February, students have settled back into their routines and schedules. It was great to get back into the swing of things because February was a month full of fun and learning. In ELA, students expanded their knowledge of non-fictional texts. We looked at specific features that are common in non- fictional texts and highlighted information that improved our understanding. We also compared non-fiction with fiction, so students could see the differences and similarities. In math, students continued to work on addition and subtraction strategies. Students were given larger number problems to solve, which challenged students to use and practice any new strategies they’ve learned. February was African Heritage Month in Nova Scotia, so we used the opportunity to learn about people with African heritage that have made a difference in the world especially regarding equality. We studied contributions made by prominent African Canadian/Americans such as; Viola Desmond, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. In art, students were able to take the spirit of Valentine’s Day to create hearts using paint and cotton balls as dabbers. February was filled with fun learning activities that will help us move into March.

Looking ahead to March, the fun and learning doesn’t stop. In March, we will be continuing to explore non-fictional texts. In math, students are going to start exploring 3D shapes, which will follow an addition and subtraction unit that will include more challenging problems. During our exploration unit in March, students will be looking at the different states of matter. St. Patrick’s Day also falls in the month of March, which will provide us our theme for an art-based painting project. February is almost in the rearview mirror and I can’t wait for all the learning opportunities that will happen in March.

Tyler Schussler

After an extended Christmas break it was so nice to welcome all the students back into the classroom this month. It was awesome to hear all the exciting experiences they had over the break and to see their smiling faces again was incredible. It did take some time to re-establish the routines and expectations that were in place before the Christmas break, however as we progressed into the month, students started to pick up where they left off. I’m sure as we move forward into 2021, students will only continue to show improvements. 

January was an action-packed month as the student’s continued studying Fictional texts. We focused on the characters within the stories and how each character is different from one another. We also looked at how these differences contributed to the overall theme of each story. In math, students started their statistics unit. Students were asked to collect information within our classroom bubble and display the information in either a pictograph or bar graph. Students gathered information on some of their favorite winter activities, foods and things to do at home. Students also got to experiment with paint in art class during the month of January. Students used common winter colours as they created their winter landscapes. In health we learned about what kind of foods are healthy and unhealthy. We also discussed the importance of exercise and how a healthy lifestyle could prolong one’s life. January was an exciting month in grade 2 at LSK and I can’t put into words how awesome it was to have all the students back in the classroom.

We finished off 2020 learning from home and there was no doubt that this time around of at home learning was more successful than the first. Even with the success of at home learning, I’m super excited that we will be welcoming students back into the classroom starting in January. There’re somethings that can’t be replaced when we’re at school like social experiences and the support students receive on a daily basis. This is why I think the majority of people are excited to be coming back. However, with the excitement, our class can’t become complacent. In grade 2 we are going to maintain and follow all the protocols that were put in place in the fall to ensure the safety of everyone. 

Once were back in the classroom students will be shifting their focus from fiction books to non- fiction where we will be highlighting features that include: table of contents, illustrations, photographs and captions. In math students will be starting their statistics and probability unit, where students will have to collect data, organize it and use it to problem solve. It’s going to be great to get back into the routines that were established before we left. I look forward to seeing all of our students back in the classroom.

November was a month filled with lots of experiences that were both fun and educational. In literacy our class explored a variety of fictional texts that expanded our knowledge of writing, listening and reading. In Science, students focused on the properties of both air and water. We also examined how both are connected in the environment and how water never really stops moving through the process we call the water cycle. Our school also commemorated Remembrance Day during the month of November with a ceremony announced over the Pa system. Due to the COVID-19 our school wasn’t able to host the traditional type of Remembrance Day ceremony however, our school created a ceremony that included a Remembrance Day video and student readings of poetry over the intercom so, that we could enjoy it from the safety of our classroom bubbles. Students also participated in an LSK poster contest, where students had to create a Remembrance Day themed poster.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has forced us out of the classroom and back to at home learning. The decision was made to protect everyone’s health and safety. We will be working at home until the Christmas break. After the Christmas break things will be re-evaluated. Students will be working with their teachers online with a priority placed on literacy and math with other subjects integrated in. During this round of at home learning, students have received Chrome books to help them succeed at home. I’m looking forward to creating at home activities that will expand our student’s knowledge and understanding. Stay safe everyone.

Tyler Schussler

Time is absolutely flying, I can’t believe that we’re going to be entering the month of November already. During the month of October our class explored and studied a number of different educational avenues. In art, students got creative making their spooky sunset pictures, we also created scary pumpkins to get everyone in the Halloween mood. In math we focused on skip counting and patterning. Students enjoyed getting outside and using natural materials to create their repeated patterns. In Social studies we examined communities. We compared a variety of communities, the services within those communities and how they change overtime. Our class also focused on Treaty education. We discussed what treaties are and why they’re important, highlighting the importance of taking care of people. October was filled with so many positive educational moments and I know they’ll be more to come in November.

As we move into November our class will continue the momentum we’ve created in October. In math our class will be expanding our sense of numbers as we compare, organize and break down numbers using multiple strategies. In science our class will be investigating the relationship between air and water in the environment. For Remembrance Day this year due to our COVID protocols our school won’t be able to have our Remembrance Day ceremony in the gym so, we’ll have to commemorate it within our class. October was a great month and I’m looking forward to the upcoming month of November.

Tyler Schussler

I can’t put into words how happy I was to see all the students return to LSK during the month of September, it’s be a long time coming and it was amazing to have students back in the classroom. In Grade 2 we wasted little time learning the new routines and expectations. Students really embraced the team atmosphere we’ve tried to create in Grade 2 by helping out with everything from cleaning to utilizing and organizing their material bins. It was a great start to a new school year. 

During the month of September, we celebrated Nitap Day in our classroom. At LSK we usually celebrate Nitap Day as a whole school however, with the new protocols, we had to celebrate the day in our bubble classrooms. In Grade 2 we celebrated Nitap Day by reading a book on friendship and students were encouraged to use words of kindness throughout the day. Students also created friendship flowers that they brought home to their families. Students created flowers by cutting out the petals and writing words of kindness on them. In September our literacy and math routines were also established. Students participated during our class shared readings a long with our smaller group guided reading activities. In math students began exploring their new math tools that were created for individual students. Students used their number charts and their math manipulatives to participate in a variety of counting activities. The grade 2’s are off and running and if the month of September is any indication on how the this year will go, I’d say were going to have an awesome year.

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be back teaching Grade 2 for this upcoming school year, I’m also excited to welcome all the students back to LSK from their summer vacations. This school year at LSK will look a little different from other school years but we’re putting student’s health and safety as our number one priority. We’ve put numerous measures and procedures in place to keep everyone at LSK safe. Our school as created classroom bubbles to keep our students social distanced and while the students are in our classroom bubble they will not be required to wear a mask however; grade 2 students will be required to wear a mask on the bus and in the hallways. We’ve also decluttered our classrooms so that only essential teaching materials have been left. Desks and tables within the classrooms have also been spread out to help promote social distancing within the classroom.

As for what the students will be learning in class, students will still be learning all your typical subjects such as Math, English, Science, Social studies, Mi’kmaq and Art. Routines and schedules will be prioritized early on in the school year due to the students having an extended break away from their classrooms. This will help students become familiar with the new routines and schedules put in place to help protect everyone’s safety. Hand washing and sanitizing will also be prioritized to help enhance the safety at our school. Technology will be incorporated into lesson more than ever to insure the students are comfortable with their new chrome books so that in the event school is moved to at home learning the students will already be familiar with the platforms and websites used as educational tools. I’m excited to kick off this new school year and I’m looking forward to welcoming all the students back.

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We made it to the end of the school year! This school year was definitely different in so many ways compared to other years however, regardless here we are in the last month of the school year. Our Grade 2’s continued their on-line learning journeys until the first week of June. During the last few weeks of on-line learning, students were asked to explore a variety of different literacy formats including poetry. Students were invited to try to write a mixture of different poetry styles that included acrostic poems, limericks and sensory poems. In math, students were asked to complete two of the last curriculum outcomes at home which included measurement and data collection. During the measurement unit, students were asked to complete measurements at home using a variety of materials that may have included ordinary household items. Data collection followed the measurement unit, where students were challenged to collect data from their specific households and use that data to create and answer questions along with representing the data in a graph format.

The school year was filled with a lot of laughter, learning and fun. Things changed in March when we were forced to move to an at home learning system due to the pandemic however, students, families and teaches all did a great job adapting accordingly so, we could move forward. The end of the school year definitely looked different with on-line/at home learning but like I mentioned above we’ve made it to the end regardless. I hope everyone has a great summer and I look forward to seeing everyone again once we are allowed back into the classrooms!

Grade 2
Tyler Schussler


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