Grade 12

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List of supplies for Senior High English. 

Our students are busy completing final year-end units in their courses this semester. In English 11, we have been working away on our study of the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”. English 10 is finishing up their units on Media Texts, Persuasive Writing & Poetry.

Our Grade 12 graduation students have finalized their final fundraiser needed for their year-end grad trip to Toronto. Grads will travel to Toronto for four days after their final examinations. Once returned they will prep for their Graduation Ceremony held on June 26/2019 at 1pm.  Prom this year will be held on June 26thfrom 7-10pm. Prom will be for grades 9-12 and the theme selected is Cinderella/ Enchanted Forrest.

Graduation pictures are in, rings are ready, and our grads are anxiously awaiting their special day. Congrats to our Grads of 2019!

Wishing everyone a fun filled and peaceful summer! 

Happy June :)

Our students have been working hard this semester as usual. We are currently reading a play by William Shakespeare- Romeo & Julietand studying the thematic connections to their lives today. Students will be sharing their end products with the class. 

We are also busy in English 11 with our Social Justice Unit on the effects of Institutional Racism. We will move into a case study on the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”.  

Our Grade 12 students are also busy with preparing for what next year will bring academically. They have been looking at post secondary education and for the ones who have already applied to a school; they are finalizing their residency applications. Our fundraising has been great this month and we are booking all the activities for the Trip. Thank you to all the people who have support our grad class with donations, their time, purchasing tickets as support, and organizing behind the scenes. All help is very much appreciated. 

In Senior High English we are currently working away at completing our Units on the study of the short story and the study of the components that in our abilities to fully comprehend a piece of literature.  We will be moving into our Play Unit on Romeo & Juliet for the Grade 10 class and a Social Justice Unit for Grade 11.

Our Graduates are very busy working at fundraising for the end of the year trip to Toronto. They will be holding a merchandise radio bingo on April 16thand are currently seeking any donations for this cause.  Their Grad rings were personally designed this week and their theme is Cinderella/Enchanted Forest for their prom. 

Grad trip activities booked so far are Canada Wonderland and a Blue Jays Game.  More plans to come.

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