Grade 12

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September has arrived and we are off and running to a new school year very quickly.  We will soon be able to settle into our new normal.  My first semester courses being offered are as follows:  English 12 and English 10.

Career Cruising for Grades 9-12 will begin with the Grade 12 students.  This is an approach to help students become more prepared for the decisions they will have to make on course selections and post-secondary institutions in their future.  Our students will be using web resources as a tool to help them make these decisions.  Our annual goal is to support students in whatever path they select for their future career.  This could look like post secondary school applications or helping them get on a list to get and MED before the end of the school year.  We will continue with the Grade 12 group and make our way down to the Grade9’s throughout the year. 

Grad Pictures Dates will be scheduled soon, and we will let you all know.  Reminder if we switch to digital learning, to log on to google classroom daily for your assignments, classes and to check your emails daily.  Let’s hope this year will have a full year of in person learning!  All work is posted in google classroom and course grades will also be found there.  Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions:

Attached is the PDF copy of the school supply list for grade twelve!!  See you in September!!
Mrs. Nikki Maloney

Hello and final farewell greetings to our High School students. I hope everyone is safe, healthy, and feeling re-energized with the ending of the school year and the beginning of your summer vacations so close to us. I hope that restrictions will begin to be lifted very soon, and we will all get to have some level of a summer vacation close to home. This summer we are all at the mercy of the government, so fingers crossed for normalcy

The semester is winding down and now is the time to get in any outstanding work you wish to complete to see an increase in your final marks. The final deadline for work is June 13th. Exam week is June 14-18th. 

For our Grade 12 graduating class, from our end we are planning and prepping to be able to give you the best graduation ceremony we can, while abiding by the provincial safety regulations that are in place. We are doing our best to be able to acknowledge and celebrate your big day, and we will share our plan with you as it is approved and finalized. We are awaiting a response from the EMO and waiting upon provincial updates on Graduation expectations for 2021. 

For my graduates, I am so incredibly proud of each and every one of you. You have persevered through challenges, and pandemics to find success and reach your goal of graduation. This marks the beginning of the next chapter of your lives, and I am so excited to see what your path will be. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours, and endless happiness in all of your life experiences. You will be the second graduating class for the history books and one that will always be remembered. Although we cannot gather as we have in previous years, this does not take away from or diminish the great accomplishment of our graduating class. I am sending to each of you my deepest congratulations on the achievement of earning the title of 

The Graduating Class of 2021! Reach for the Stars!! 

It is hard to believe the semester is well over half way done. In class, the Grade Eleven students are working on their Social Justice Units and are currently completing a Novel Study on Systemic Racism.  In Grade Ten, we are working on our Drama Unit. From there we will finish up with Poetry, Media Text and Persuasive Writing Units to bring the end of year to a close. 

We have transitioned to online, but that does not change the expectations for students or responsibility. Every day we complete outcomes virtually, to ensure they cover the ELA Provincial Outcomes. Please ensure your student is able to attend class and takes responsibility to make up missed classes and work. VIrtual schooling is a great tool to prepare students to be adult independent learners. In High School this is the next stage so trying your best in virtual school will help prepare for your life transitions to College or University. 

Stay safe, and take care. We will meet again in person soon!

All students will be evaluated and assessed on their virtual learning and attendance will be taken by the teacher. All students are expected to attend class virtually. See schedule below for student’s meeting schedule times.

High School English 

Our students have been working hard this semester as usual. We are soon to begin a play by William Shakespeare- Romeo & Juliet and studying the thematic connections to their lives today. 

We are also busy in English 11 with our Social Justice Unit on the effects of Institutional Racism. We will move into a case study on two novels that take place in the United States around this theme. 

Our Grade 12 students are also busy with preparing for what next year will bring academically. They have been looking at post-secondary education and for the ones who have already applied to a school; they are awaiting acceptance letters. Thank you to all the people who have supported our grad class with donations, their time, and purchasing tickets as support. All help is very much appreciated. 

Our High School students this month have been busy working away in their classes. Our Grade 10 English have been working away on their Short Story Unit. with themes of Nature, Addictions, and Travel. They will be moving on to Persuasive Writing & a Drama Unit- Romeo & Juliet. 

Grade 11 English have just finished exploring the theme of academic achievement, overcoming fears and are working on finalizing, drafting, and sharing their creative writing assignment of their history and what makes them unique. We are exploring the writing process and I are very proud of their hard work. 

Our graduates have all applied to interested post-secondary institutions. Some have received acceptance and some are patiently awaiting their acceptance letters. Scholarships have been shared and it is now the time if interested to start working on those personal essays of achievement. 

Our grade 12 graduates have been fundraising for their end of the year graduation trip. Their virtual fundraiser is a WT80 Draw that occurs weekly. We have raised to date approximately $1800 from this and we want to thank everyone for their continued support. If interested in participating in the e-transfer is 

We are all looking forward to March Break and the beginning of warm weather and spring. 

Overall the students have had a great first semester.  Our first semester has come to an end, exams are          being finished this week, and we were all eager to start fresh with a new schedule, and new faces.

Our Grade 12 students are continuing their fundraising for their annual grad trip. They do a weekly WT80 draw. The cost is $10.00 per ticket, and the draw takes place every Wednesday evening. 80% of Sales go to the winner and 20% go toward the Graduation Class. We appreciate all that are supporting us, and hope to see some new names on there in the new year. Grad pics have been completed and grad rings were designed this week. 

Courses offered for the upcoming Senior High (10-12) semester are: English 10 Academic, English 10 IPP, English 11, Visual Arts 12, Math Essentials 11, Math 11 @ Work, Math 10 Academic, Math 12 Academic, Math 10 @ Work, Canadian Families 12, Textile Technology 12, Mi’kmaq Studies 11, Contemporary World Religions 12, Oceans 11, Physical Education 10, & Skilled Trades 10.  

All in all we are looking forward to what the next month will hold, and wishing everyone an early spring! :) Happy February Everyone :)


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