Grade 11

Hello students and parents.  We are nearly a month into our 2021-2022 school year and things are finally beginning to feel more normal.  So far students have been working on a number of things including accuracy and precision in measurement, probability and odds, calculating percentages, converting between metric and imperial measurements, Pythagorean theorem and mean, medium, mode in math.  

Global Geography students have begun to study populations problems in our world and learning what is meant by the term Globalization.  I hope to see all students progress successfully through their courses en route to a successful school semester.

Hello everyone. Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are ready for a more normal school year! Here's to hoping that things will return more to the way they were before the pandemic. I wish all students the best of luck for the upcoming school year. Work hard, be on time to class and you will surely have success! 

Attached is the PDF copy of the school supply list for grade eleven!!  See you in September!!
Mr. Robert Watson

Hello everyone! Well it seems like we are going to be able to finish our school year on a good note. It will be great to finally see you all face to face again. I know online learning has been tough on most of us, but  at least we can return to class and finish the semester in a more "normal" fashion. Thanks to everyone who has spent time online completing assignments and struggling through daily classes with me. I have appreciated your efforts! Here's hoping the remainder of the year goes smoothly and we can all have a much needed summer holiday!

Hello everyone! Well here we are once again getting ready to begin online learning. I understand the frustrations of such a task and admit that I myself do not enjoy teaching in this manner, however at least we have the ability to continue teaching you in your courses. If everyone comes to online classes and does the work, I know we can all complete the year successfully. Don't give up. Don't get frustrated. We are all in this together. Good luck to all in our online learning and may we all be back in the classroom together soon. Stay safe.

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All students will be evaluated and assessed on their virtual learning and attendance will be taken by the teacher. All students are expected to attend class virtually. See schedule below for student’s meeting schedule times.

Hello everyone! It is time again for another update on school activities. Here goes: 

Math 11 Essentials - So far this semester we have been focussing on what investments are and how to appropriately plan investments that matter to you. We are discussing pension planning, GICs, mutual funds, and how the stock market affects prices. We looked at methods of data collection before this. Our next topic will be home finance and mortgage.
Math 11 At Work - So far this semester we have been focussing on calculating surface area of prisms. We are still engaged in this at the moment. We also have taken a look at converting Metric units to Imperial and vice versa.
Visual Art 12 - Students have been partaking in a number of drawing exercises, focussing on simple pencil drawings first. So far student work has been coming along very well. In the near future other styles of art will be studied including paint, design, and pottery. 
Keep up the good work everyone!

Well we have reached the end of our first semester (with a few hiccups along the way). This school year has been a very trying one, with Covid 19 trying its best to disrupt our year. However, I am happy to say that online learning during our absence from school was, in large part, a great success. Kudos to all students who attended online classes and continued to learn from home during this time. Now that we are back and ready for a second semester to begin, I send out my sincere wishes of good luck to all students for the next semester. Stay focussed on your goals and work hard. You will appreciate your success when you know how much you have invested into it. Here's to a more "normal" semester at LSK.


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