Grade 11

Hello everyone! It is time again for another update on school activities. Here goes: 

Math 11 Essentials - So far this semester we have been focussing on what investments are and how to appropriately plan investments that matter to you. We are discussing pension planning, GICs, mutual funds, and how the stock market affects prices. We looked at methods of data collection before this. Our next topic will be home finance and mortgage.
Math 11 At Work - So far this semester we have been focussing on calculating surface area of prisms. We are still engaged in this at the moment. We also have taken a look at converting Metric units to Imperial and vice versa.
Visual Art 12 - Students have been partaking in a number of drawing exercises, focussing on simple pencil drawings first. So far student work has been coming along very well. In the near future other styles of art will be studied including paint, design, and pottery. 
Keep up the good work everyone!

Well we have reached the end of our first semester (with a few hiccups along the way). This school year has been a very trying one, with Covid 19 trying its best to disrupt our year. However, I am happy to say that online learning during our absence from school was, in large part, a great success. Kudos to all students who attended online classes and continued to learn from home during this time. Now that we are back and ready for a second semester to begin, I send out my sincere wishes of good luck to all students for the next semester. Stay focussed on your goals and work hard. You will appreciate your success when you know how much you have invested into it. Here's to a more "normal" semester at LSK.

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Hello everyone!  Yes, once again we are learning from home, at least for a while.  While we have no idea to how long the virus will keep us out of school this time, rest assured we can still deliver you lessons online to keep your school year running.  Assignments will be posted on Google classroom and each day we will be offering online live lessons via our PCs using Google meet.  We are doing everything possible to continue your education.  If we all work together, I'm sure we can weather this storm successfully.  Good luck to all!

Hello everyone and Happy Halloween! A quick update to let parents and guardians know that students are adapting well to the new Covid restrictions at LSK. Although attendance is suffering a bit since this time last year, students may access their assignments via their Google Classroom. All assignments and classroom related materials are posted there as they are covered in class. Keep in mind that if you miss class, you are responsible for checking your Google Classroom to see what you have missed. Keep up the good work.

Hello students and guardians! It is so nice to finally have you back. Even though this school year will be much different from any we have experienced before I think we have begun the semester on the right foot. Students seem happy to be back and ready to work. While in the classroom we will be doing most of our work using Google Classroom. This is to ensure that if school is shut again in the future, all students will have the knowledge and understanding of how to use Google Classroom to get their assignments completed and also continue with their learning. While I am still learning how to use Google Classroom, I believe it is an excellent way to teach from a safe atmosphere for both students nad teachers should the need arise. Best of luck to everyone this semester. 

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Hello students and parents. Well what can we say? It has been a very difficult and strange school year. As we approach the end of the school year I hope you are all safe and well. Students wishing to increase their final marks still have the opportunity to do so by completing any online work that they have yet to finish. Many students have done well with this but if you have done little yet, there is still time. We have next week for any students still working on assignments and I encourage everyone to get as much done as possible. Best of luck over the summer and let's hope we can have a more normal school year next year! Take care.

Rob Watson

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe and well is these crazy times. We have been put to the test this school semester with everything that has been happening but I know we will weather the storm and see brighter days. To all my students please know that I am here for you. To all those who have been doing their best keeping up to date with the online posted assignments, congratulations and keep it up. For those who have yet to begin, please give it a try. It is important to stay connected in these times. If you have any questions about any of the assignments, please feel free to contact me any time. I want you all to know that I am here to help. For all of us touched by the recent violence in our province, please take comfort in knowing that you have family and friends that truly care about you. Confide in them. Please stay safe and well everyone.


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