Grade 10

Visual Arts 10

Students received a new smudge kit for use in the classroom this week.  Students had a demonstration of smudge and viewed Stephen Augustine‚Äôs video clip online about smudge.  Stephen Augustine explains the smudging ceremony at

The images are of students Still Life created whiled exploring some techniques artists use to archive effects.  The students applied charcoal pencil, hard and soft, and use the contents of the smudge kit as natural objects while drawing.

Canadian History 11

Students are just completing WWI; there was a keen interest in new technology used for the first time.  Some students are looking forward to studying WWII soon, and have already requested we as a class view The Boy in the Striped Pajamamovie.  Hopefully, we will be able to find the time.

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When do Absences Become a Problem?

  • CHRONIC ABSENCE - 18 or more days
  • WARNING SIGNS - 10 TO 17 days
  • SATISFACTORY - 9 or fewer absences
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