Grade 1

March has been a busy month that flew by quickly.  We hope everyone had a good MARCH break.  A well deserved Break needed by all.

The grade one’s have ben working on their reading and writing. Measurement in Math and Living; Non-living things in Science, and we will be starting a new unit in math this month on Numbers to 100.

 The grade one’s enjoyed our Winter Carnival events.  The movie we enjoyed was the Lego Movie; it was a funny movie.  The grade one’s also enjoyed cheering on their teacher during the Teachers vs. the Students hockey game.  After the hockey game we enjoyed an hour of swimming.

 In April we would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Robert!

February was another busy month in grade one.  We had an exciting field trip to the Natural History Museum to see the Dinosaur exhibit.  The grade ones learned a lot about other cultures in Nova Scotia. They also learned about the Dinosaurs and enjoyed seeing the Dinosaurs. The Grade Ones were well behaved and had a great visit.  

We celebrated the 100thday of school on the 22ndof February. We worked with the number 100 all day in all subjects. 100 days already. Time is flying. 

We are currently working on Measurement in Math, Living and Non-Living things in Science, and doing lots of reading and writing during Literacy time. 

We look forward to winter carnival week coming up in March and of course March break! 

We would like to send birthday wishes for the month of March.  Happy Birthday Masin and Payton on March 4th

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Chronic Absence - 18 or more days
Warning Signs - 10 to 17 days
Satisfactory - 9 or fewer days

Please help us help your child to be successful in school by ensuring that they attend school on a regular basis.

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