Grade 1

We have had a busy and exciting September! We're getting back into routines and getting to know the rules of the classroom. The grade one's are currently working on counting to 20 and learning our sight words. We had a great day at Noggin's apple picking. The kids had a blast picking their own apples and going on a wagon ride! We are looking forward to another busy spooky October.

Welcome back students and parents!  I hope everyone had a great summer.  This is the first year that I will be teaching grade one and I’m looking forward to the new experiences.  I can’t wait to get to know all of my students.  We are going to have a great school year filled with fun, laughs, and lots of learning.

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Attached is the PDF copy of the school supply list for grade one!!  See you in September!!
Ms. Helena Sack

What a year this has been? We thought we were staying home to learn and now we are getting to go back and see each other! Great job grade ones for your patience and staying dedicated to your learning. Let's work together to make our last few weeks a wonderful time of being together and learning lots! Great job to grade one adults for doing their best in this challenging time. We are all learning. Congratulations to our graduates this year- you have survived a senior year like no other!

Well here we are online learning again. This pandemic has been a bumpy road. Safety is  our top priority but so is doing our best to educate the students in the ways open to us. Online teaching is so different than classroom teaching but we are blessed to have a venue we can   maintain a connection with staff and students and students with each other. I continue to look for new and interesting ways to present material online. Daily work assignments are posted in a single daily assignment on  Seesaw. Seesaw is a great way for kids to be able to complete work and get feedback. I hope our numbers go back down and it becomes safe again to be in school until then I will see you online.

All students will be evaluated and assessed on their virtual learning and attendance will be taken by the teacher.  All students are expected to attend class virtually.   See schedule below for student’s meeting schedule times.  

Learning Center, Resource, Speech & Language, OT, LLI teachers will contact their students/parents to provide additional supports for their students. 


It is amazing to witness the tremendous growth and skill development achieved by the grade ones so far this year. They started not really knowing letters and sounds and now they are readers and are writing multiple sentences independently. They started with shaky number concept to 10 now just about everyone can count to 100 and is able to add and subtract numbers to 20. We can count by 2’s, 10’s and 5’s.  We have created wonderful art projects like snowmen, chalk teddy bears, umbrella drawings , and creative rainbows.  We have learned about the Mikmaq, Acadian and Black cultural groups that exist in Nova Scotia. We have studied the four seasons and learned what we can do as children to help keep are bodies and minds happy and healthy.  Its hard to believe we only have 1/3 of the school year left. Lots to accomplish in that time.

And just like that we are halfway through the school year. Of course, it wasn't just like that- this year has been a year like no other and honestly a lot tougher. The grade 1 continue to be eager learners. They are becoming readers and writers! We can count to 100 and skip count by 2, 5 and 10's. We know more and less; we know how to add and subtract by counting on and counting back. We have begun our unit on understanding addition. We have learned about the 4 seasons, cultural groups in Nova Scotia and how to take care of ourselves to be happy and healthy. We had a great Valentine’s day theme and party. Thank you to everyone who contributed cards and treats. We look forward to warmer temperatures and the end of Covid 19!

The grade 1's were delighted to return to in class learning again in January after online learning for a month.    We had very good online class attendance and 100's of Seesaw activities were completed at home. Great work grade one students, and grown ups.  We started January classes and jumped right back into our routines. The students do not really care for online learning; they have discovered they prefer learning in the classroom with their friends.  We love learning together and sharing ideas. January assessments are showing slow but steady progresss with reading, writing and math.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that the Covid 19 numbers in Nova Scotia are low for everyone's health and well-being but especially so we can stay in school with our lovely wonderful Grade 1 class. We will be having a Valentine's Day party in February where valentines and prepackaged treats can be brought in to share. We will be happy to see the end of the cold dark days of January.

Well December was an adventure in online learning. The grade ones did a great job with hundreds of completed Seesaw assignments.  They and their grown-ups should be very proud of themselves. Excited to be back in the classroom together in January and fingers crossed we get to stay there.  Happy New Year everyone.


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