Grade 1

Grade 1 had a very busy month. We settled into our classroom rules and routines.  We have been building our knowledge and understanding  of letters, sounds and words.  We have developed our understanding of how books work and how to use the story meaning, structure and letter sounds to help us learn to read.  The students love being teacher reader of the day and read the class book with a pointer at the front of the room.  Building a love of reading daily.  In math we have continued to work on developing our understanding of numbers to 20 and started looking at numbers to 100. We really enjoy learning videos that include dance and exercise. Jack Hartmann's count to 20 and workout is a favorite! We can all count to 20! Grade 1 is full of creativity and we completed many wonderful art projects. 

Its disappointing that covid 19 will have us working online at least for awhile.  It's not ideal but with commitment and a positive outlook I know we can keep the great learning going! Our main worksites will be Seesaw and RAZ kids. See you all online.

The crispness of the air, the beautiful autumn colors, and children busy learning are great things about fall. Grade 1 has used our 6 weeks at school to make sure we have a good foundation of letter and sound knowledge and understanding of numbers to 10 .  Missing 4 months of at school learning last year does mean we have to backtrack a little and rebuild and practise the skills needed to progress. The whole class' listening, following instructions and work completion have improved dramatically since we started school. The students love listening to, illustrating  and discussing stories. The 20/21 grade one class love to share about their lives and their work.  We have completed some great art projects- our fall trees, Halloween postcards and 3-D pumpkins were a big success. We are excited to see what the rest of the year will bring.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Ms. Foster

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  Leanne Foster

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Hello Parents & Guardians,

I hope all is well and trust many of you have heard that we will begin online learning for Friday, October 2, 2020 due to a student in our class being required to have a COVID test done as instructed to do so by 811.

If you have any questions, please message me.
Ms. Leanne Foster

Well  it has been a whirlwind busy start to our year.  We have been working very hard learning and adapting to the new rules and policies at school. It has not always been easy but the grade 1 's are all trying so hard to follow the new rules. It is not easy to sit in the same room all day.

We in grade 1 have already been hard at work at academics as well. We are doing review of "how to learn", "how to listen" , "how to follow directions" and how to be "a good student".  We are a little bit out of practice after being at home so long but getting into routine quickly.   We are reading stories and talking about feelings and characters. We have been working with numbers to 10 in math, watching videos and making name graphs. In social studies we are learning about Treaty Rights and what that means for the Mikmaq people.  Busy busy busy in grade 1 :)

Welcome back Grade 1. We are so excited to be back and happily awaiting our new grade 1s! Working with the class this year is teacher Leanne Foster and we have three Educational assistants, Gail Francis,  Angie Augustine and Andrea Brooks who will also be working with our children. We have been busy preparing the class so that it is safe as we can make it in the new normal. We know this year will look and feel different but we are committed as a team to making grade 1 as safe, secure, and enjoyable a year as we can. See you soon grade 1's.

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