Elementary Learning Center

Hi everyone from the Learning Center, we are getting our routines down.  We are having a great time in getting used to our new normal.  I hope everyone is having a great time in school for our first month back.   

I hope everyone is enjoying their time back this month in school.

I wish everyone has a great Happy Treaty Day.

Mrs. Julian 
From the Learning Center

Hello from the Learning Center:

Welcome back Staff and Students, I am looking forward to a wonderful year of learning.  I am excited to have the students return to school, this break has been way too long.  

We are preparing for your safe return back to school.  I am looking forward to seeing all the students return back to school.

Have a wonderful time in your classrooms and enjoy your return back.

From, Mrs. Julian and the One on One support workers.

Hello Staff and Students from the Learning Center, here we are at the end of the year and I would like to take this time to say thank you to all the students and teachers that had put forward so many different learning challenges this year.

I would also like to say congratulations to all the Graduates this year, we all had a challenging year and the Graduates have done an outstanding job on completing the year.  Congratulations, Skyler Bernard, Justice Paul, John Pictou, Jared Paul, Cody Julian, Destiny Meuse, and Dallas DeWolfe.

I wish all the Graduating class good luck in all their future endeavours and challenges that they shall encounter.  Congratulations on your Grade 12 completion. 

Joanne Julian
Learning Center

We surely did take the stairs this year!  We learned many new things to survive and thrive and that’s all good. It was a short year in 2019/20 but a tremendous learning opportunity was gifted to us. We changed up how we did things and embraced online learning, which was just as difficult for the teachers as the students.  But, in fine LSK style, we all pulled together to make the rest of the 2019/202 school year as supportive as we could.

When I see and work with the students in Elementary Learning Centre and, also, my counselling clients, I see the effort they put into learning, both academically and personally.  I can only hope to keep up with them. 

During this summer I will be working on projects, etc. for Counselling sand Elementary Learning Centre.  Here is something good that came out of lockdown: when doing Messenger Kids meeting with students, I also get to meet their immediate family and they are always super positive and supportive.

Here’s to a better year in 2020/2021.

From the Learning Center:

Hi students and parents I hope everyone is keeping well at home safe and sound.  I sure do miss the students in the learning center.  

I am looking forward to going back to school so I can see everyone again. 

I hope you are all doing very well and listening to your parents.

Stay safe everyone.

Mrs. Julian.


March is shaping up to be an interesting month.  We have Winter Carnival and March Break, just to mention two big activities. Here is a short write up of what is going on in my classes.

Elementary Learning Centre is rolling right along.  The students are good and willing to do work with me.  I look forward to seeing them every week.

Grades 7 and 8 Family Studies is off to a flying start.  Students in both grades are really enjoying cooking and doing quite well with it. They have made chicken noodle soup, spaghetti and meat sauce, biscuits and jam, breakfast casserole, S'mores Bake and chocolate fudge trifle.  We will be doing some hand sewing very soon.

Counselling is starting up again for me.  My schedule is nearly complete and I have started seeing students the last week of February 

Enjoy your March Break and, if you are going anywhere sunny, get some rays for me.

Mary Davies

Elementary Learning Centre

Hello all.  This is my first newsletter submission from the Learning Centre. I am settling in and enjoying working with the students.  It is somewhat of a learning curve as I have never worked in a position quite like this.  However, I am learning (especially from the students) about how things work here. I look forward to an enjoyable semester.

Family Studies 7, 8, 9

A new semester and a new set of students.  I am looking forward to fun and learning in Family Studies.  This is my first time teaching it so I expect to learn from my students as much as they learn from me.

Hello Everyone. From now on you will be seeing me in the role of Learning Centre teacher. A new year and a new position.  I am enjoying all the students and am getting to know them better. Anything new presents challenges but I look at them as opportunities for learning.  We're all in this together.


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