October 2019 Note...

Kwe'! – Hi!

Me'katu taleyin kiskuk? - How are you today?

Fall/toqwa'q is approaching fast and cooler weather is coming. Please dress for the weather. We have been busy practicing the Mi'kmaq words for weather. October is a very important month for us Mi'kmaq people, we celebrate Treaty day, hunting season opens and we also celebrate thank giving. I like the students to know they are Mi'kmaw and that they are proud of it. I like to share the following quote with them, 'I am Mi'kmaq, I am brown, and I am proud." Students love this quote, and for the light skin L’nu, I told them to say, “I am Mi'kmaq.  I am light skin, and I am proud.” Be proud to be Mi'kmaq.  Speak more Mi'kmaq, even if it is only one word a day. 


Tania Gould, Mi'kmaw Teacher.