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Winter month, kesikewikus is here and winter is near.  Soon wastew will cover the ground. This month we have many exciting things we are looking forward to and preparing for the upcoming holidays, the most exciting time of the year.  Students are preparing for the Christmas concert, while staff are preparing for the Christmas Bazaar for our students. We would like to thank all those that have donated towards the free Bazaar and helped us to purchase items.  The Bazaar is a great opportunity for our students to experience sharing and giving.   

December's Seven Sacred Teaching is honesty. Honesty is speaking and acting truthfully as well as the act of being honest with yourself about who you really are. Accept and use the gifts the creator has given you and do not seek to deceive yourself or others.  Be honest with yourself, and you will find being honest with others comes more easily. Honesty in Mi'kmaq is Koqaja'teken, and means righteousness, doing what is right. To be honest is to be brave. The Sabe represents honesty. The Sabe reminds us not to be someone we are not.  An honest person is said to walk tall like the Sabe.  

LSK has many new cultural opportunities and outdoor education experiences for our students. Students are learning our language, the 7 sacred teachings, building baskets, beading, built and took part in a sweat, planted black ash trees and connecting their Mi'kmaq heritage to the provincial outcomes.  This month our students will be helping to assemble our rink in the soccer field and cultural trail and learn about the Mi'kmaq contribution to hockey. We are excited to be able to encourage our youth to be more physically active.  

The cultural trail will allow our students to connect and learn about the land.  Students will learn about various ecosystems, medicines, habitats, conservation and caring for mother earth.  The trail will allow us to improve and increase outdoor education. The cultural trail is a result of multiple departments and organizations working together.  I would like to thank our Education Director, Velvet Paul, Sipekne'katik Fisheries Guardians, Matthew Maloney, Brandon Maloney, Josh Sack, John Peter-Paul and Janet Paul and CMM employees Trevor Chenier and Justin Fidds for their work and helping us to turn a vision into reality. 

Another of our visions, school goals, is to improve students' attendance and community involvement. Student attendance is on the rise and other First Nation schools in the Martin Family Initiative have reached out to us to see what we are doing.  We look forward to seeing everyone on Elementary parent/teacher night and at our Christmas concert. 

On behalf of the staff at LSK… Etawey Wli Nipi Alusutman aq Pusu'l Puna'ne. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  


Wini-kiskik. Teke'k eq Kikpeaq.  The weather is getting bad.  It is cold and rainy.  Fall is here and our clocks will be falling behind one hours.  With all the leaves falling to the ground we can see winter is approaching.  November, Keptekewiku's, is frost month. Christmas and Report Card day is quickly approaching and we are excited.   

October was a great month filled with, Thanksgiving celebrations, Fall Fair and Halloween celebrations.   We would like to thank everyone for helping us to raise $880 during our Fall Fair.   

Students are learning about veterans, First Nation veterans and Remembrance Day.   Our Remembrance Day ceremony will be held Thursday, November 7th at 10:30 am.  Our students are working hard on their Remembrance Day poems and posters.   We are all looking forward to honouring our veterans on November 7th and the 11th.  

October and November's seven sacred teaching is Kesaltultimkn, love.   Love is unconditional.  To know love is to know peace.  It is given without asking for anything in return.  The eagle represents love because it flies the highest and closest to the creator.   Eagles are loving parents and teachers to their offspring, protecting and guiding them.   An eagle feather represents the creator's love for us.  Receiving an eagle feather sacred, special and considered to be the greatest gift.  We will be teaching and awarding students who are demonstrating love throughout the month.   

We are proud we are achieving our attendance goal.  We thank everyone for helping us with our school goals.   70 of 74 students in September won attendance medals in grades primary to 6.  Students win attendance medals if they miss less than 3 days in a month, with 3 lates being equivalent to an absence.  

Please take a moment to check out our school website (, where you can see all the great things we are doing; our school events, classroom activities, videos, photos, and much more!


Etek tekik.  Fall is here.  It’s getting cold.  Our staff continues to work as a team to provide many opportunities for our students and community.  We have had a very busy first month to the 2019/2020 school year.  Throughout the month of September our students learnt about sweet grass and braided sweet grass with their elders, participated in Nitap day and Orange Shirt/Treaty Day and in many other activities.  This year we have many things on the go. 

Our school is doing amazing things in conservation and students are doing many activities to respect and care for our mother earth.  We are working with the Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq with their Pollinator Action Project, Conservation, Climate Action, Mi’kmaq Forestry, Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative and Mi’kmawey Debert to provide education and activities for our students to care for our mother earth.  We are also working with Green Schools Nova Scotia and Nourish Your Roots.  Our students will be receiving a guided tour at the Mi’kmawey Debert Trail, attend the Fall Harvest Feast in Unamaki, building a sweat lodge and planting and protecting Black Ash trees.  

We would like to thank all community members for their support in helping us to raise $508 towards cancer on Terry Fox Day and visiting us on Meet the Teacher Night and Waltes night.  We would also like to thank all community members for their support in purchasing Nourish Your Roots Vegetable and Fruit boxes.  You have helped us to fundraise to continue to grow our gardens while supporting a local farmer, Noggins Farm.  Along with our growth of gardens, our staff and students also develop and use their own compost in our compost shed provided by the Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq.   

LSK is focusing on the Seven Sacred Teaching of Humility this month.  Humility is that nobody is superior or better than another.  The wolf is a representation of humility because wolves work together in a pack.  Having humility results in strong teamwork.  

We are happy to be back into our daily routines and look forward to another great month full of many learning experiences.  We look forward to seeing you at our Fall Fair.   


Welta'si je na muine'jk naji kina'masijik.  I am happy for the children for the new school year. 

We are very fortunate to have expanded our team here at LSK.  I'd like to welcome Ashley Julian, who is teaching physical education until January, and Carolyn Brackett, our new music teacher.  We also welcome five new Educational Assistants: Sharleen Peter-Paul, Terra Mackenzie, Jon Michael, Amanda France and Chloe Maloney.    

Students will be selling boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables from Noggins farm as apart of a Nourish Your Roots fundraiser.   Boxes are $30 a box.  Nine dollars from each box will return to the school to fund our gardening projects for the spring.  Sales will begin September 16th and boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables will be delivered October 7th, just in time for Thanksgiving.  

This is our second year with the Martin Family Model School Literacy project for grades primary to three.  The goal of the Model School Literacy Project is for 80% of our students to be reading at or above grade level by 3rd grade.  Our school and teachers are provided a large variety of resources, which includes participating in weekly literacy sharing circles with other teachers, which are also a part of the project.  Students start the day with 100 minutes of uninterrupted literacy time.   It is important for all children to arrive on time and regularly.  

One of our school goals is to continue to improve attendance.  We will be continuing to send out messages on the impact attendance has on your child.  We have updated our high school attendance policy and have implemented new attendance incentives. We will be giving out attendance medals each month for students in grades P-3.  Your child has the opportunity to win a medal at an assembly to celebrate his/her success.  A medal is given to each student who has missed less than three days that month.  We are considering 3 late(s) as equivalent to one missed day.  Attendance is an important part of success.

At LSK it is important to us to incorporate our language, culture and outdoor education experiences.   We are excited to announce the arrival of our outdoor rink next month.   

We look forward to a year of great learning experiences.

  • Kelly Oliver - Principal 
  • Amy Maloney - Vice Principal 
  • Sheila Nevin - Reception
  • Stephanie Dennis - Finance
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