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Welta'si je na muine'jk naji kina'masijik.  I am happy for the children for the new school year. 

We are very fortunate to have expanded our team here at LSK.  I'd like to welcome Ashley Julian, who is teaching physical education until January, and Carolyn Brackett, our new music teacher.  We also welcome five new Educational Assistants: Sharleen Peter-Paul, Terra Mackenzie, Jon Michael, Amanda France and Chloe Maloney.    

Students will be selling boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables from Noggins farm as apart of a Nourish Your Roots fundraiser.   Boxes are $30 a box.  Nine dollars from each box will return to the school to fund our gardening projects for the spring.  Sales will begin September 16th and boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables will be delivered October 7th, just in time for Thanksgiving.  

This is our second year with the Martin Family Model School Literacy project for grades primary to three.  The goal of the Model School Literacy Project is for 80% of our students to be reading at or above grade level by 3rd grade.  Our school and teachers are provided a large variety of resources, which includes participating in weekly literacy sharing circles with other teachers, which are also a part of the project.  Students start the day with 100 minutes of uninterrupted literacy time.   It is important for all children to arrive on time and regularly.  

One of our school goals is to continue to improve attendance.  We will be continuing to send out messages on the impact attendance has on your child.  We have updated our high school attendance policy and have implemented new attendance incentives. We will be giving out attendance medals each month for students in grades P-3.  Your child has the opportunity to win a medal at an assembly to celebrate his/her success.  A medal is given to each student who has missed less than three days that month.  We are considering 3 late(s) as equivalent to one missed day.  Attendance is an important part of success.

At LSK it is important to us to incorporate our language, culture and outdoor education experiences.   We are excited to announce the arrival of our outdoor rink next month.   

We look forward to a year of great learning experiences.

  • Kelly Oliver - Principal 
  • Amy Maloney - Vice Principal 
  • Sheila Nevin - Reception
  • Stephanie Dennis - Finance
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