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Dear Parents & Guardians of LSK students, 

We hope all are well during these times of uncertainty. We were very happy to receive guidance from the provincial government yesterday, Monday, March 30th. Nova Scotia announced schools will remain closed until May 1st. Last week we began working on a plan to help you and our students while our school is closed. Now that the province has provided some guidance, we were able to add more details to our plans. Nova Scotia will give us more information and it may change some things. 

First let’s begin by stating students on track to completing the school year will continue on that path to move to the next grade or graduate. Your child is likely on track if they had good attendance and were completing class work. All of our teachers have reached out to their students and/or parents and guardians. 

We understand that these times are challenging for everyone. We understand that you do not have the training or experience of teaching. Our staff are equipped with strategies and trained to support students in their learning journeys. We have the experience and shared knowledge of teaching your children, and many children, with a variety of different needs. We are here to help and support as much as possible. Our Teachers and Educational Assistance are available for questions, supports or a listening ear to help you with any frustrations you may have. We are asking for your help, so together we can support our youth to succeed in their future learning journeys. 

All of our provided learning activities will be accessed through digital devices and provided by Teachers. We will not be providing hand out packages. If your family does not have access to the internet, reach out to Velvet Paul for the Education Department’s wifi password and it can be accessed in her parking lot. Our Technology team will be increasing access points and providing one loaner device per family if needed. Our loaner devices will be available after April 6th along with our plans coming into full action.

Together, our Elementary team has developed a plan which consists of providing 1 hour of suggested daily activities to parents and guardians. Teachers are also providing a list of curriculum outcomes with suggested activities and resources they were not able to cover this school year. These documents will be available on our website at will allow you to know what your child should be learning in their grade level. To support you further, teachers will be providing 1 hour of suggested daily activities to parents and guardians consisting of 30 minutes of math and 30 minutes of literacy, which will meet those outcomes not covered. We do not want you to feel overloaded and want to help reduce stress, so we will only be providing daily activities to focus on. 

Our Elementary team is using IXL, Prodigy, Epick, Dreamscape, Raz Kids or Squiggle Park to provide more effective learning opportunities for our students. Our Elementary Mi’kmaq language teacher will provide language videos which will be available on our Facebook L’nu Sipuk Kina’muokoum group and on our website. 

Students in grades 7-12 have a variety of teachers for their courses they are enrolled in. Our High School team has developed a plan and will be using Google Classroom as their main resource. All Jr. and Sr. High Students have access to their Google Suites account and have used Google Classroom this year. Beginning next Monday, students will find new assignments in their Google classroom each weekday. From Monday - Thursday, two hours of work will be provided daily in their Google classrooms. 

Teachers have been in contact with students via email and google classroom. Please make sure that you support or ask your child to check their lsk school email and google classrooms daily starting tomorrow.

High School Block A will post assignments on Monday, Block B will post assignments on Tuesday, Block C on Wednesday and Block D on Thursday. Friday will be used to catch up on any uncompleted assignments. 

Jr. High students can find new learning activities in their Math classroom on Mondays and Tuesdays. On Wednesday and Thursday they will find new activities in their Social Studies and Literacy classrooms. Friday’s they will find activities in their Mi’kmaq classroom. 

These activities are learning opportunities to support your children in completing outcomes for their grade levels and to better prepare them for their return to school in the fall. Please pass the message on that these activities will provide them with strategies and skills that will support them next year and the years to come. We do not want our students to fall behind and it is our job to prepare them for their life journey. 

All students on track to completing the school year will continue on that path to move to the next grade or graduate. Teachers will be providing midterm marks on April 16th. Report Cards will be emailed or sent to you via the contact you have set up with your child’s teacher. These midterm report cards will let you know if your student is on track to passing. If your child is currently not on track to passing, it is highly suggested they participate in the suggested activities. 

Please reach out to any staff member if you are not yet connected to your child’s teacher. Our entire education team is here to support. We encourage all to reach out to an Educational Assistant, teacher or other supporting staff. We will connect you and support you as needed. We are here to help. It takes a community to raise a child and we can overcome these challenges together. 


Kelly Oliver & LSK Teachers


We hope all are well. It is a hectic and scary time. All teachers and supporting staff greatly miss our students.  We miss sharing laughs, hugs, teaching and seeing our students daily. Staff and students were not prepared for a closure longer than a week or to work from home. On Sunday, March 15th, the Provincial Government announced that all public schools will remain closed for two weeks following March Break and this will be reassessed at a later date.

We are patiently awaiting an update from the Province regarding Nova Scotia’s Education Plan.   Staff have been working on a plan in the event that schools are closed longer than April 6th. Other provinces across Canada have closed their schools until September.  We have access to some other provinces' School Closure plans and are using those to create ours. 

In the event that Nova Scotia Schools are closed for the remainder of this school year, all of our teachers will provide parents with what outcomes were not covered  due to the early closure of the school year. Teachers will also provide a list of resources for the parents. We do not want to add additional stress in these already stressful times, but provide optional resources as some parents wish to have them.  We do not expect parents to homeschool their children, but we will provide digital parental resources and suggested activities. Grades 4-12 have access to Google Classroom.    

Our teachers have reached out to all parents of their students.  Please feel free to contact them with any questions or additional support.  If you have not heard from your children’s teachers, please let me know and I can help you to connect to them.  In the event of a closure, our grade 12 teacher, Nikki Maloney, is already planning alternative options regarding end of year graduation activities.  

We understand that not all families may have access to a digital device.  If you know of a student that does not have access to a digital device, please have them contact me to arrange support.   

The well being of our youth, community and staff are our priority.   We will soon deliver a more detailed plan after an announcement from the Province is provided.   Stephen McNeil is expected to provide an update at 3:00 today, March 24th, 2020. Our staff are dedicated to your students learning.

Take care, 
 Kelly Oliver
L’nu Sipuk Kina’muokuom Principal

Free Math Coloring Pages

Connected North@Home is our effort to continue to serve students from our partner communities wherever possible during closures. Connected North, Cisco and variety of Connected North providers are offering dozens of opportunities for students across our network to connect to museums, zoos, artists, storytellers and other amazing organizations to offer unique learning experiences while students are at home.

For more information...

  1. Kids who have experienced trauma aren’t trying to push your buttons.
  2. Kids who have been through trauma worry about what’s going to happen next.
  3. Even if the situation doesn’t seem that bad to you, it’s how the child feels that matters.
  4. Trauma isn’t always associated with violence.
  5. You don’t need to know exactly what caused the trauma to be able to help.
  6. Kids who experience trauma need to feel they’re good at something and can influence the world.
  7. There’s a direct connection between stress and learning.
  8. Self-regulation can be a major challenge for students suffering from trauma.
  9. It’s OK to ask kids point-blank what you can do to help them make it through the day.
  10. You can support kids with trauma even when they’re outside your classroom.


 "Let's take care of ourselves" workshop with Ms. Savvy Simon was presented to the staff of LSK on Friday, February 28th, 2020.

For more information about Savvy, please visit


March, Siewkesiku's, means the forerunner of Spring.  We are excited to have Spring on its way. February was full of snow days and outdoor learning experiences with our Ice rink, snowshoeing and rabbit snaring with the Fisheries Guardians.  When Spring arrives there will be a lot more work on our cultural trail.   

This month's Seven Sacred teaching is courage, Mlkitelsulti.  To face life with courage is to know bravery and is represented by the bear.  A mother bear will stand up to larger animals to protect her cubs. The bear shows us how to live a balanced life though rest, survival and also finding time for play.  Courage is finding strength to face difficult things in life and being yourself.

We have been working on making our school a safe and welcoming environment where kids want to be.  We have been doing this through trauma and wellness informed professional development workshops. We have increased our focus on mental wellness, approaching behaviour and providing healthier meals at our school.  We want all kids to feel loved and valued and this is achieved through building strong positive relationships. 

Attending school regularly helps children feel better about school and themselves. Start building this habit in preschool so they can learn right away that going to school on time, every day is important. Good attendance will help children do well in high school, post-secondary, and at work.  Missing school is like a snowball effect. When you miss time, school work becomes harder due to missed lessons, which makes it harder to want to be at school.   

We were excited to complete the NAIG podiums which showcased the many untapped talents of our high school students.  Our elementary students were very excited to perform and showcase their music talents with Keith Mullins, ECMA award winner.   

This month we look forward to our Winter Carnival activities followed by March Break.  March Break is from March 16-20th. 

Apuknajit (ah-book-na-jit), February, is snow blinding moon.   In February we offer a spirit plate to Apuknajit, winter spirit , before the first full moon of snow blinding month.   February is known to be the hardest winter month and by giving an offering we are asking for an easier month. By offering a spirit plate we are also feeding the animals that are struggling for to find food, thus taking care of our ecosystem. We welcome you to join us in our Apuknajit Feast.  We will have a feast and mawiomi on Thursday, February 6th from 1:00-2:30. The feast will feed more than the bodies in attendance, but will also feed our minds and hearts. We hope you will join us in our February celebration.   

 This month's seven sacred teaching we are honouring is humility.  Humility in Mi'kmaq is wanqwjite'teken and means compassion.  It can also be translated as calmness and patience. Humility means you are equal to others. Showing humility is acting equal and not better or superior than another.  It is sometimes setting aside your needs for the needs of another.  Humility is also showing empathy and helping others.  

If students are having trouble coming to school, we are asking for parents to reach out to the school and we will work together to help your child succeed.  LSK is a safe and welcoming environment to support all students. When your child attends school regularly they will have a routine established, be more willing to attend, and more likely to graduate.  It's never too late to improve attendance. Good attendance provides more choices for the future. Please ask for help because there is always a solution. 

All students that miss less than 3 days in a month receives an attendance award.  Elementary students receive a medal, while Jr. and Sr. High receive a takeout meal or gift card.  High school students that accumulate more than 20 unexcused absences per semester are at risk of losing their credits.  

High school students have completed their exams and first semester.  February is the beginning of the second semester for high school. High school report cards will be given out February 13th.  Elementary report cards will go out in March. Second semester symbolizes completion of half of the 2019/2020 school year.

It has been a great school year full of many laughs, hugs, and achievements.  March break, winter carnival and Spring is fast approaching.    


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