On February 15th, 2014, Sutherland Greer, Thomas Toney, Ethan Paul and Tristan Bernard traveled to Acadia University with their coach, Mr. Anirban Halder, to particpate in the Robotic Programming Competition.  This was the first time that our school has sent representatives to participate in such an event.  This group of young men finished third out of thirteen teams/high schools that competed.

When asked if they plan to continue with this type of activity, Mr. Haldar stated that they will and plans are already underway on how to improve.  "This was our first time in the competition, so no one knew what to expect.  We believe we could have finished even higher, and were extremely close to the top two teams in terms of scores.  It was a great learning experience for our students, and now they know a lot more about compeititon, teamwork, and putting in the time and effort for great results!"

It should be noted that this group of young men and their coach are eliglble to attend the North American Robofest Championship at Lawrence Technological University in Michigan, May 16-17, 2014. 

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