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Storyline Online is available 24 hours a day for children, parents, caregivers and educators worldwide. Each book includes supplemental curriculum developed by a credentialed elementary educator, aiming to strengthen comprehension and verbal and written skills for English-language learners.

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On-line resources to explore to support learning at home.

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The following is a link to the First Nation Help Desk for Mi'kmaq Language Resources for anyone interested, please feel free to share.

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Membertou's Resources
Posted March 20, 2020

Scholastic has books and lessons for K4 up to grade 8. is external)

A-Z Reading has leveled books from level aa up to level Z. is external) Login: membertouschool Password: membertou has games and downloadable activities for all subject areas and grade levels K4 to Grade 5 is external)
Mr MacKeil will be adding materials to his Language Arts Google classrooms For grades 6, 7, and 8.

Tumblebooks can be accessed from our homepage or at is external) 
Login: membertou Password: reads

Jarrett Lerner is a cartoonist who has free and fun activities is external)

This is a fun website for kids up to grade 6. is external)

This is a helpful resource to help in talking to kids about Corona virus. is external)

Audible is offering a collection of free audio books for kids. is external)

News-o-matic app is free until the end of June. Lots of great articles geared for kids and a listening option as well.

Grades P-9
Other provinces are making Math and Literacy a priority.  Suggested work should be Math and Literacy. v3-5 hours a week. Include which units you did not get a chance to cover.  

Gr. 1
Gr. 3
Gr. 4
Gr. 5
Gr. 6
Gr 7
Gr 8
Gr. 9

Honest is speaking and acting truthfully, and thereby remaining morally upright.

The Sabe represents honesty because it is closer to the Creator than to humans.  It is believed that the Sabe used to walk among humans to remind us of the Creator's wish for us to remain true to our natural forms.

Actions such as being true to our spirit and accepting who we are will guide us in being honest.

Native people believe in the existence of the Sabe and honour it with acceptance and respect.


Ms. Tania Gould and the students of grades Primary to five would like to thank their parents/guardians/family members who were able to attend their Elementary Mi'kmaw Language Pitewey/Tea Social.  We hope you enjoyed (and learned) from us when we spoke our language, played some games and entertained you.  We also hoped you enjoyed your beverage and the Pkwiman/Blueberry cake.


LSK received a generous gift today in the form of $1,000.  The bestowment has been requested to be used to enhance the fine arts with a focus on supplies and instructors.  We gratefully accept this anonymous donation.


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