This year's winner of the is Kingston Augustine.  Congratulations!!!

1st Place - OUR ELDER INTERVIEW by Kennedy Syliboy, Emmaline Knockwood and Dakota Maloney (Grade 4)

2nd Place - TANNING HIDES by Fiercen White (Grade 6)

3rd Place - FISHING WITH THE MI'KMAQ by Malaki Maloney (Grade 6)


Our staff is endeavouring to teach students online, but request some parental assistance.  Letter is attached. Wela'lioq!!!

Families! Here are some fun Christmas activities you can do at home with your children! Lots of cute crafts and decorations!
Here are Christmas-y therapy ideas to fill your holiday toolbox:
​Christmas Fine Motor Activities​-
​Christmas Crafts that Build Skills​-
​Christmas Activities for Toddlers​-
​Christmas Activities for Preschoolers​-
​Christmas Gross Motor Activities (perfect for family time since the holiday parties are on hold this year!)-

Due to Covid safety protocols, we could not host our annual Remembrance Day ceremony in person, and therefore, we could not participate in the Legion’s annual Poster Contest, but instead of disappointing our students, we held our own poster contest.  Students created their posters.  Then these posters were taken to the Sipekne’katik Band Office where the Chief and Council judged each poster.  The following winners are:

Grades Primary to Three:  1st – Samara Googoo-Thompson (3); 2nd – Nadalia Paul (Primary); Gemma Giorgi (3).
Grades Four to Six:  1st – Fiercen White (6); 2nd - Cruz Julian (6); 3rd – Tomas Brooks (4)
Grades Seven to Eight:  1st – Kayli Marr (8); 2nd – Bella Masty (8); 3rd – Jude Masty (8)
Grades Nine to Twelve:  1st – Prezley Paul (11); 2nd – Houston Maloney (9); 3rd – Kispesan Julian (12) 

Congratulations to all the winners, and to everyone who participated.

Guidance Counsellor, Mr. Bryan Brooks, and a few of our students (Robert, Jaici and Brody) traveled to the city to pick up materials for making lobster traps.  Students in Design 11 (grades 9 & 11) will be making their own lobster traps, which in turn will be used by our community fisher people.  This activity will give them the skills and knowledge that they will need should they decide to open their own business or earn their moderate livelihood by fishing.  They will also be working with Chief Mike Sack, Mr. Josh Sack and Mr. Matt Maloney.

Upon completion, these traps will be delivered to Saulnierville, and hopefully, some lobsters will be brought back to LSK so that the students can deliver them to our elders.  This is a holistic approach to our students' education.  

Thank you Ms. Kelly Oliver (Principal) and Ms. Velvet Paul (Educational Director) for your approval and support of this project.

The latest school project has been designed for our students who attend the Learning Centre on a regular basis.  This idea was that of Ms. Andrea Brooks (EA).  Working together with Ms. Rachel Sutherland (Occupational Therapist), they designed a 'SENSORY WALK".  This walk includes activities that will involve the student in the use of his/her entire body.  For example, part of the walk requires students to walk on all fours like a bear.  They follow the 'bear' paw prints to accomplish this activity.  Another activity involves students in reaching for apples, while yet another requires students to sit against the wall, as if they are sitting on a chair.  The chair has been painted on the wall.

Many other people were involved and we could like to thank them.  Mr. Colin McDonald (Math Tutor) designed the decals that were ordered by Ms. Velvet Paul (Educational Director) from Eastern Woodland Publishing.  Mr. Roddie Gould (EA), painted the items upon the wall, while Andrea and Rachel laid out the course, after Mr. George Dennis (custodian) cleaned the floors.  Upon completion, he sealed the floors to ensure that the decals remain in place.  And to Ms. Kelly Oliver (Principal) for supporting the project.

Working together, they have created a much needed 'body' break area for all our students who could use a way of calming and refocusing themselves.

In remembrance of all our veterans (past and present) who served in the military...

Wela'lioq Sma'knisk.

Video created by Ms. Nikki Maloney


Good Morning,

Just a friendly reminder that September 30th, 2020 is Orange Shirt day honoUring survivors and souls that did not return home from the Residential Schools.  The following are a few links, if you would like to research more.

Thank you, 
Ms. Velvet Paul, B.A., B.Ed, M.Ed
Director of Education
Sipekne'katik Band




Download a PDF Every Child Matters COLORING PAGE for Orange Shirt Day
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I have 3 versions English, Ojibwe and French.
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