Principal's Message...


We hope all are well. It is a hectic and scary time. All teachers and supporting staff greatly miss our students.  We miss sharing laughs, hugs, teaching and seeing our students daily. Staff and students were not prepared for a closure longer than a week or to work from home. On Sunday, March 15th, the Provincial Government announced that all public schools will remain closed for two weeks following March Break and this will be reassessed at a later date.

We are patiently awaiting an update from the Province regarding Nova Scotia’s Education Plan.   Staff have been working on a plan in the event that schools are closed longer than April 6th. Other provinces across Canada have closed their schools until September.  We have access to some other provinces' School Closure plans and are using those to create ours. 

In the event that Nova Scotia Schools are closed for the remainder of this school year, all of our teachers will provide parents with what outcomes were not covered  due to the early closure of the school year. Teachers will also provide a list of resources for the parents. We do not want to add additional stress in these already stressful times, but provide optional resources as some parents wish to have them.  We do not expect parents to homeschool their children, but we will provide digital parental resources and suggested activities. Grades 4-12 have access to Google Classroom.    

Our teachers have reached out to all parents of their students.  Please feel free to contact them with any questions or additional support.  If you have not heard from your children’s teachers, please let me know and I can help you to connect to them.  In the event of a closure, our grade 12 teacher, Nikki Maloney, is already planning alternative options regarding end of year graduation activities.  

We understand that not all families may have access to a digital device.  If you know of a student that does not have access to a digital device, please have them contact me to arrange support.   

The well being of our youth, community and staff are our priority.   We will soon deliver a more detailed plan after an announcement from the Province is provided.   Stephen McNeil is expected to provide an update at 3:00 today, March 24th, 2020. Our staff are dedicated to your students learning.

Take care, 
 Kelly Oliver
L’nu Sipuk Kina’muokuom Principal