September 2019 Note...

The Learning Centre is happy to welcome back all the Students of LSK from their summer vacations. Summer is a time for students to recharge and relax however, the summer break can also dismantle all the structure and routines that were established from the previous school year. The goal of the Learning Centre to start off the school year is to help re-establish the structure and routines from the previous year, along with creating new ones that are best suited for our students. Structure and routines are developed with the best interest of the student and the sooner both are re-established the sooner students will be able to grow within them. 

The beginning of the school year is also a great time to develop social skills. Social skills are important for students to learn because not only will these skills help students make friends but also help them navigate through a variety of social situations that aren’t always easy. Students will still have the relationships they formed over previous school years but with ice breaking exercises and introductory themed activities there will be plenty of opportunity to create new and hopefully lasting friendships. People need to have a range of different skills to help them maneuver through social situations, social skills can be seen as a vehicle that helps students with this maneuvering, which is why social skills are a priority early on in the school year.


Tyler Schussler