June Note...

It’s finally here – the month of June. It usually inspires thoughts of love, marriage, the beginning of summer and, of course, to graduates far and wide, it means you have completed another step in your educational journey. 

This is the month we see the bees working as hard as, well.... bees. Do we see as many as we used to? No, we do not and the reason why is unknown. We are encouraged to plant bee flower gardens to help maintain the population. The picture says the bee is not afraid or angry that all her honey can be stolen. Why? Because no one can ever steal her art of honey making. Be like the bee…know that no one can ever take away your abilities, talents and education. But, if you do not use them then they will be wasted for yourself and others. 

“Happy Graduation” to all Grads. I will miss you but I also envy you. You have your whole life ahead of you. Be positive and rock the world!