Fish Photos - April 24, 2014

Mr. Scott from the Sackville River Association came to visit the grade 4, 5 and 6 classes for the second time! Today students got to get a close up look of the trout Aelvin and really see how much they have grown since the egg stage. Students got to draw what they saw, discuss what has happened to the trout and what will happen, and some even got to act out the Aelvin trying to get out of a gravel home with a big egg sack on their front! Finally students were given fish food to keep in the fridge and when we observe the fish coming up to the surface its time to feed!

Mr. Scott will be back to visit the students one final time when the Aelvin have  become Fry. At this visit students will get to see the next level of growth, more of the body features and make plans for the release of the fish. The tentative date for releasing the Fry will be June 5th. We will be taking 1/2 of the fish to the Sackville River, and 1/2 off the fish will be released locally. The students can't wait!