November 2019 Note...

Kwe' From Grade 4's

We are starting our third month of school already; we had a great and busy month of October. We had fun with Digital Mi'kmaq and learning about coding. The students are fast learners and they all seemed to like it a lot. 

We also learned how to make quill medallions on birch bark with Crystal Gloade. This is a treasured teaching from our ancestors. The students did a great job and wanted to make more. 

We have been practicing Growth Mindset since September. It takes a lot of practicing to master Growth Mindset. One must always think positive. Thinking and being positive can go a long way. Failure is learning. We must train our brains to look at mistakes and failure as growth… "I can do better" or "Next time I will do better." 

November will surely be another great month of learning and fun activities.   On November 15th, grades four to six students will be going to the Discovery Centre.  We are looking forward to this field trip.  Also, Remembrance Day is quickly approaching. We will participate in the annual Remembrance Day Poster Contest and our annual Remembrance Day Ceremony. All family and community members are encouraged to come and celebrate as we acknowledge and remember our brave Sma’knisk (Warriors/Soldiers).


Ms. Stephens