June Note...


The school year is coming to an end and the grade 4 class had such a memorable, successful year in all aspects. We had learned so much from each other and are busy wrapping up units over the next few weeks. I look forward to what next year will bring and would like to take this time to thank staff and students for such a warm welcome at LSK, emsit wela’lioq. 

The grade 4’s were very fortune to take part in a Pollinator Action Project, which allowed us to get the first two plants of the 3 Sisters Garden (beans and squash) in the ground. We look forward to getting the corn planted and waiting for the bloom. I’m very proud of the initiative the students took caring for the seedlings. I must say, it was a very outstanding turnout. 

We are very appreciative for the beautiful hand drums and we will be utilizing their purpose,  through learning Mi’kmaw chants. On that note, we in the grade 4 class will continue to work towards our classroom goals and finish this year strong. 

 Nulmultes Ap!