September 2019 Note...

Greetings from Grade 3! I hope that everyone had an enjoyable summer. The Grade 3s have been so enthusiastic about being back and are eager to learn. For the first week, we are getting acquainted with our new space in our classroom and finding out all the new concepts we will learn this year. We have already started diving into the reading strategies we already have and learning about new ones to help us understand what we are reading on a deeper level. Students have been learning about the structure of a narrative and also about making connections to things they have already experienced. 

Students were also excited to hear that they would not have any homework this year! I am sure parents are just as excited. It's our belief that students work so hard all day in school that after school should be a time to play and hang out with family. The one thing that students will be expected to do each night, for twenty minutes or more, is read either to themselves or with a family member or caregiver. When kids read at home it has a huge impact on their development as a reader and it is also a great way to wind down for the day. Students will be able to choose from the classroom library,  or the book may be chosen by the teacher, to take home; they will "check out" the book and can take another book when that book is returned. Students will be asked to fill out a reading log to keep track of their reading and once 4 days/reading sessions are completed and signed by parent/guardian they will be able to pick a prize from the prize bin! 

We look forward to all of the activities that will be coming up at LSK this year! 

Over and Out!