February 2020 Note...

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone is staying warm with these crazy cold temperatures. The grade 3s have been working on many things this month including writing a narrative using the steps of the writing process. They have been really enjoying being creative and coming up with their setting, characters and problems and of course how their main character learned his/her lesson. 
Students have been enjoying learning about the Acadians for Social Studies. Soon, we will be making our mini braided rugs using the colors of the Acadian flag. Ask your child what they know about the Acadians, you may learn a thing or two. 
P-3 had a great time on our trip to the Discovery Centre. They had fun exploring all of the displays and interactive activities. They were amazed by the robotic arm that could solve a Rubix Cube. Students were very well behaved and the staff of the Discovery Centre was very impressed. 
We are looking forward to our upcoming Valentine's Day party. Students are welcome to bring in goodies but are reminded that items must be peanut free. Our class list will be forwarded along for those who would like to fill out Valentines for their friends. That's all for now!
Over and Out