December 2019 Note...

In Grade 12 Math Essentials, students have been learning about statistics, more accurately, percentiles. Percentiles are the ranking of an individual or piece of data in relation to the remaining individuals or pieces of data. Understanding percentiles helps students to understand how they compare with the rest of the class. 

In Grade 10 Math Essentials, students have been practicing finding the area of different shapes. They are becoming accustomed to matching which formula goes with which problem. So far, they have done well with this and the next steps will be focusing on more detailed geometric problems. 

In Global Geography 12 students have begun looking at the Biosphere and in more detail, the problem with over population on earth today. They have been in traduced to the history of world population and the factors that have led humanity to the brink of a population disaster. Possible solutions to this problem will be further studied.