November 2019 Note...

Mi'kmaq studies 11 students did make a medicine bag in class recently, while learning about the Medicine wheel teachings and the four main medicines.

Our recent field trip was to join another public school at Redcliff Middle School N.S. As invited guest we attended a play called Two Planks by artistic director Ken Schwartz. This play was about a Mi’kmaq and European, having conversations over time and reconciling different views, it was funny and the students enjoyed it very much. Image is of some of our students sitting at the play and includes our school elder Mary Lou Bernard.

Food Service/ Hospitality 12 has been practicing their cleaning skills in the kitchen. They recently baked many cupcakes and cakes to support the elementary fall fair fundraiser. They have tried their hand at making 4-Cents, and homemade bread from scratch (see image below).  This loaf was Andrew Simon’s.  He took it home to share with his family and they said it was good.

Textile Technology 12

Students have done a few small in class projects one below is on inserting a zipper on a pouch; this image is of Zoe Paul’s completed assignment. Currently we are learning how to measure a grain-line when using commercial patterns and also how to read a layout. This is in preparation of our shopping trip to the fabric store very soon.