November 2019 Note...

The month of October was filled with a lot of fun and adventure. Field trips to Mi’kmawey Debert trails, apple picking and to the pumpkin patch were all fun activities scheduled in for the month of October. Now filed trips are typically fun filled events that give student an opportunity to learn in a different environment but they also have the ability to bring out unexpected anxieties in some students. In the Learning Centre we try to alleviate some of this anxiety by preparing students with the use of social stories and explicit teaching. By doing this we can help students prepare for the change in their daily schedule and bring clarity to the unknown’s that exist with unfamiliar field trips. Field trips are essential in providing students with an opportunity to learn in a different setting and to have a lot of fun while their doing it, it’s just some students experience unexpected challenges with field trips so that’s why we work to prepare our students so everyone can have fun and enjoy the lessons learned on field trips.

Field trips also give us as educators the freedom to promote social skills in surroundings that aren’t familiar to the students. During field trips students are usually placed into small groups in which they travel with and partake in the day’s activities. For some of our students that may find social situations harder to navigate, it is a perfect opportunity to teach students mini lessons on social happens that occur during field trips. Field trips are fun, exciting and enjoyable events that are both beneficial for staff and students to build on skills that have been started at school.

Tyler Schussler