February 2020 Note...

January has gone by so quickly.  We are into our 16th week of ELI, with just a few more weeks to go for each of the six groups. Another round of ELI will start soon, with possibly six new groups. Each group works hard during their sessions. I am very proud of the progress each group is making with their reading and writing. 

ELI Facts

 ob Goal: To help students develop proficient reading skills that will contribute to their academic growth. Responsibilities: Reading interventionists work extensively with students to help them improve specific reading skills such as letter-naming, initial sounds, phoneme segmentation, and comprehension strategies.

What Does a Reading Intervention Teacher Do? ... They work in a classroom or resource room, helping students and their teachers by providing support and adapting lessons when needed, or working with individual or small groups of students on things such as vocabulary and comprehension.