• Outdoor Education: Trapping
    Junior High students receiving some education about trapping and outdoor survival.
  • Emmaline and Jayden are "Feeding Apuknajit"
    Please try to feed/esmut Apuknajit on January 31 or full moon time as a way to pray and give thanks for safety & survival during the winter months.
  • February's Sacred Teaching is COURAGE
    Courage is the ability to face danger, fear or changes with confidence and bravery.
  • Honesty Ballot Winners (January 2020)
    The names of the high school winners are not available at this time.
  • Congratulations Kingston Augustine
    He designed a medal for archery.


Honest is speaking and acting truthfully, and thereby remaining morally upright.


Ms. Tania Gould and the students of grades Primary to five would like to thank their parents/guardians/family members who were able to attend their Elementary Mi'kmaw Language Pitewey/Tea Social.


LSK received a generous gift today in the form of $1,000.  The bestowment has been requested to be used to enhance the fine arts with a focus on supplies and instructors.



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