• End of Year Student Awards Winners (Part A)
    Awards given for the 2019/2020 School Year
  • End of Year Student Awards Winners (Part B)
    Congratulations to our wiinners!!
  • Congrats 2020 Grads
    Congratulations to Skylar, Dallas, Charity, Cody, Destiny, Jared, Justice and John
  • Graduates 2020...
    Congratulations to Skylar Bernard, Dallas DeWolfe, Charity Julian and Cody Julian
  • Graduates 2020...
    Congratulations to Destiny Meuse, Jared Paul, Justice Paul and John Pictou.


Charlene Bearhead, an educator and Indigenous education advocate living near Edmonton, Alberta, says that the Siha Tooskin Knows series of eight books for midd


Here is full list of the COVID-19 related stories Tara, speech/language pathologist, has written and you can find them all for free on her website... 


Are looking for a fun, low-prep, and inexpensive activity to try with those beautiful stones you’ve been collecting? Try this simple stone matching game for kids today!


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